Bob Jindall is a hack. He even talks shit about his own now calls them 'stupid. or 'dumb party'. quit jackass.

From URL below:
"Not being the stupid party also means supporting science and the separation of church and state, at least to the extent that creationism is not taught in public schools. But Jindal has backed the teaching of creationism in Louisiana public schools in a pander to conservative populists. Physician, heal thyself."

tide goes in and out thanks to the moon~ 

the laundering/cover/decoy/hack white collared playboys for christ the joke are plentiful.. that's why... the bullshitting never stops amaaaazing the distracted public players in all this... tragic era of America's bout w/the latest wave of jonestown'like w/o the actual sacrificing of the sheep~ ; ) pfffffft

Quite a shame and blight upon all that's good in life if you ask me.

*****crickets*** Pixar's Brave movie. not bad. . . ~ 

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I meant for that post to be read out loud for fun... do the crickets sound effects in between it's a hoot. here:


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