Bobby Jindal for President! (Or at Least to Run Against Hillary Clinton)

Bobby Jindal has made what contract lawyers recognize as an "illusory promise," one that even if fulfilled takes advantage of the person being promised.  The media quotes him saying that Republicans should take contraception out of the political arena by making it available over the counter -- by law.  I knew readers with a sense of logic would see the fly in his ointment right off the bat.  OK, we make the pill available for asking in pharmacies.  Then the Catholic Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, so now abortion is illegal and contraceptives aren't.  Isn't there something discriminatory there?  These are the same folks who gripe about public monies going to Planned Parenthood since, as we all know, it is nothing but an abortion mill.  The GOP base also are the ones who don't even like the morning after pill. 

That said, Jindal is a Christian convert.  The illusory promise he extends makes him attractive to pro-choice people until they see the caveat, "pro-life."  Ruth Bader Ginsberg cannot be on the SCOTUS for all that much longer.  What if Kennedy retires?  I don't think we would want Jindal in the White House in 2017 anymore than we wanted Mittens there next January.  But at least you know where Jindal stands.  It's just that it's such an obvious pander.  He probably knows congress would not pass an OTC pill in any case, and he hopes his party's many attempts to dumb down the electorate have wildly succeeded.  Some might even think that they cannot get pregnant if they use the pill.  The Jindalls With George W. Bush

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Jindal hoist himself by his own petard when he attempted to be the respondent to Obama's first State of the Union address ... and succeeded in looking about as presidential as the proverbial hole in the equally proverbial head.  As it comes to 2016, Marco Rubio is far more likely, but he is beset with his own problems, not the least of which is his wimpy attitude toward science, evolution in particular.

The sad fact for the republicans is that they've shot their wad and have damned little if anything in reserve.  Their platform has been rejected and their ideology discredited.  What they have to do is reinvent themselves, first of all by moving away from the far right positions which created the problem in the first place, then somehow get back to their limited government - responsible spending foundation, shedding the baggage laid on them by the Religious Reich, including their pro-life, anti-science stands.

They say that politics is "the art of the possible."  I have to wonder how possible that is at this point.

Let me first say that I kinda consider myself a slight "right-winger". I am a small government advocate. I am a second amendment loving southern boy. I find all forms of governmental oppression disgusting. Being such, I cannot consider myself a liberal by any far stretch. I generally vote Libertarian when given an option. Barring that, I go with Republican rather than Democrat. I don't agree with the christian conservatives and wish there were no social issues in either party's platform. Morals are better left to the people and not to the government.

All that being said, my thoughts are that if there were no religion in government, we would ALL be Republicans. I mean, who can possibly think that large government and higher taxes is the way to go? This latest round of "fiscal cliff" crap should make all of us shudder. Obama wants to raise taxes but has little interest in cutting spending to any real degree. For me, the first step is to cut all government spending by 10% across the board..military, SS, Medicare and Medicaid, etc. ALL OF IT. Then, we cut all foreign aid, especially to the regimes abroad that do us harm. That has to account for at least a trillion in savings there. Once we make that commitment, then we talk tax hikes for the "rich"..knowing that that will only bring in about 1B at best.

Anywho, I ramble on. My point was only that we should get government out of our bedrooms and morals altogether. That is not something that should be their business at all. And it is the only thing that keeps Republicans from winning elections right now.

Let's not forget Mr Jindal's religious-school voucher programme, which he apparently was unaware that Muslims would also be able to apply for (which appalled him).


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