twice since the November elections, Louisiana Governor (R) Bobby Jindal has called out his own party. 

“We’ve got to stop being the stupid party. It’s time for a new Republican Party that talks like adults,”

well, no duh.  except that Governor Jindal has a bit of a problem - his signature piece of legislation is as stupid as anything his party is doing right now.  the Louisiana Science Education Act, combined with his acceptance of school vouchers (which allows public funding for private and/or religious schools) has made a mockery of an already awful educational system.  as many of you know, the LSEA is the bill which allows the teaching of Intelligent Design or Creationism in LA public schools. 

now from what i understand, Gov. Jindal is a highly intelligent and educated man.  so it's reasonable to assume he knows better.  it's just that he doesn't care.  but now he claims that he does care, and he has the nerve to call out members of his own party who do, well, stupid stuff just like he did.  i suppose we can chalk it up to playing to his base, and he may even need to try harder than most considering his brown-ness and foreign sounding name.  as we've seen on the national level, Conservatives struggle accepting people with those qualities. 

Jindal may talk a big game, but he's no different or better or smarter than his peers.  still, it takes some brass ones to beat up on a guy for doing what he did.  i think i heard that somewhere before...

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Jindal is a disgusting little weasel - he makes an ideal Reptilican.

too bad he's runnnninng the state, lol.


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