Body of missing toddler found and it is his fault. Yes, you read that correctly.

Read the story below and tell me what you think.


The body of 2-year old Devon Davis was found, ending several days of an intensive search.

The boy's body was found shortly after the search was officially called off in a lake near his home. A DPS helicopter was checking a lake less than a mile from his home one last time when searchers spotted something.

"We have located Devon Davis in a large body of water nearby his home," Capt. Rex Evans with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office said. "Devon is deceased."

Investigators think Devon simply wandered away from his home and ended up in the lake.

Once the discovery was made, state troopers closed the road leading to the Davis' home and the lake.

Earlier in the day, a remote control airplane with photography capabilities flew over the lake and spotted something. The DPS helicopter was checking that out when searchers found Devin's remains. After that, Texas Equusearch founder Tim Miller walked Devon's mother, April Davis, to the back of the yard where Capt. Evans told her that Devon was gone.

"It's difficult. I spent a lot of time with April out here over the last three days, a lot of time and I've gotten very very close to April," Miller said. "We were determined not to give up and it was actually at the end of the search... I don't know why it happened like that."

"Every time it's heartbreaking," Evans said. "They're all very devastated right now."

Earlier in the day, April Davis was in relatively good spirits, heading out with Miller to hand out hundreds of flyers bearing her son's picture and information.

An Amber Alert was issued for Davis on Tuesday. Liberty County sheriff's deputies said Devon wandered off into a wooded area while his mother and 1-year-old sister were napping at their new home in the Sam Houston Lake Estates area near Tarkington at about 3:30 p.m.

Davis said she found the door open and her son was gone. Investigators said Davis told them that Devon opened a latch on the door.

Searchers spent days looking for the toddler. Before the discovery was made, searchers used a drone to try to look for signs as to where he may be.

"The best benefit of that is unmanned and it can fly for hours," Evans said. "Whereas the aircraft that we've been able to have come over can only stay for a short amount of time."

The drone is a remote-controlled miniature plane with cameras that will fly around and take pictures of the area.

Davis appealed to the public for help on Friday. It was the first time she spoke to the media.

"I'm April. I'm Devon's mom. If you know anything, if you've seen anything, please just call somebody. Bring him home with me. He needs to be home with his family. Somebody has to know something, somewhere. Please, help me find my son," April Davis said.

Davis indicated that she thought someone had her son.

"If you're scared, I understand there's a lot of stuff going on," she said. "Do the right thing. Bring him to the hospital. Call somebody. People do not vanish. There is something out there and somebody knows something, somebody saw something somewhere. Please find him. Please help me."

Two sources close to the search and investigation told KPRC Local 2 Friday that Davis failed parts of a polygraph test. The sources declined to elaborate on which parts where failed. They stressed that does not mean anything nefarious happened and polygraphs can be imperfect, especially since Davis is in a very emotional state.

"He is the sweetest child you could ever meet," Davis said of Devon. "He's happy, he's friendly. He's a good kid."

Officials and volunteers searched several days by air, land and water, but found nothing. On Thursday, Liberty County officials said the search changed to a recovery mission, meaning that they don't expect to find the boy alive.

Capt. Rex Evans said he had to have a difficult talk with Devon's parents Thursday morning.

"There is a negative end to this that you kind of have to prepare yourself for," said Evans.

Texas EquuSearch has used sonar devices to look for Devon.

"The problem with doing the sonar is there's just so much debris underneath the water," Miller said. "You get a false image and you have to go back over it two or three times to determine what it is."]

Why is it his fault?  According to a chicken shit xtian minister that child was disobedient and therefore he was punished by G'd.

Excuse me?  A two year old does not know the difference between right and wrong.  My heart goes out to this family.

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"You were the one that started the name calling."

Where, what post? - post the link here, quote the evidence. Support your claim.

You've accuse me of a site rule violation, back it up.

"BTW, that minister you want to get in touch with. His wife left him that afternoon and took his sone with her.  Both are tired of his judgmental rantings.  I helped to move them out."

Is there some never-ending source of non sequiturs?

Do you?

"Do you?"

Try citing, especially when posting replies that won't thread, then we can know who you're asking, and about what.

I am going to put you in your place.  Somewhere you are pissed off about some problem and you want to use my post to take it out on me.  That is your underlying problem.  Now where does it say in my original post that I was blaming his family.  There is no such comment.  As I have said time and time again that I did not write the post correctly.  Yet, in your xtian attitude and the way you are attacking me is what a xtian will do.  What you want to do is to harass this so-called minister in your attempt to prove that you're right and he is wrong.  Yes, he is very wrong in his assessment when it comes to this story and in religion. 

I am not deviating from the conversation either.

In the black community, there are only two terms that they follow to a "T" and they are.




In the case of obedience and someone said this, in the bible there are no age requirements.  If one was intelligent enough to listen a black conversation, you will hear the above terms over and over again.  Logic does not mesh with the above terms.  I have heard ministers talk to their spouses and children like they're dogs and I ask them time and time again, how can you take that abuse and their responses are that the bible says to be "obedient."  Regardless of any circumstance.

It's sad that this child lost his life.  I was hoping that he would be found alive and well.  I did not care if that child was white, pink, purple, black, yellow or brown.  This child's life is/was precious.

It is not the child's fault.  It is not the mother's fault and it was not the sister's fault.  Toddlers are curious and into everything.  This child unlatched a hook to a door and went outside to play with the neighbor's dogs.  It was not his fault. 

Are you really man enough to confront this minister?  Hmmmm?  Are you going to confront him in a email like a coward or are you going to call him out in the news media, where you will be laughed out of town or are you going to be man enough to face him face to face?  See you can talk real bad and scary while hiding behind emails and the internet. Let's see how bad you talk face to face to a black man.

You have too many underlying problems and you are using me to vent your anger.  You feel that because you are a white male, that you have the ultimate right to harass me.  You are really pissed off because a black minister made the comment about a white child. I don't give a damn about your and your non sequiturs as well. 

Now, I suggest that you heed my words very carefully, go pick on someone your size and look in the mirror while you are trying to choose a battle. In the meantime, go bother someone else.

"I am going to put you in your place."

Ha! …I don't think so. 

I'm merely pointing out the complete lack of human dignity of trying to score points with an otherwise unrelated tragedy.

All that other stuff you just made up?

…you, just pulled out of your ass.

Makes me wonder if this "minister" even exists.

"You feel that because you are a white male, that you have the ultimate right to harass me."

Only one of us is being racist here, …and it ain't me.

BTW, where is there anything about race, …in the story?

Do you realize how many site rules you've broken so far?

Do you know how many you have broken?

Yes, none.

But then, …I've read them.

When I came onto this site, I did say that at one time I was a member of the NOI as a child.  I said that the very beginning.  I did not have to mention race, but your over zealousness in harassing me showed your true colors.  When I apologized the first time, you should have left me alone and moved on, but you didn't.  That is the addictive personality of a alpha stalking mentality and yet you keep bothering me.

So who is the stalker now?  Your actions speaks volumes.

I don't even know what NOI is, I'm from Canada. As for what you "said when you first came here". My first reply to you is also my first encounter. You try to imply that we've had some kind of previous contact or acquaintance with, "I did say that at one time I was a member of the NOI".

I have no experience with you except for this rather appalling thread.

I dislike intellectual dishonesty, …perhaps to a fault. But when people (I don't care what they believe or disbelieve), hook an "Appeal to" fallacy to a family's tragedy, …I have the right to point out that it's not intellectually honest to do so.

The fact that you show your own racism by attacking me, so repeatedly.

Is telling.

Read the thread.

"So who is the stalker now?"

 Still with the name-calling. Perhaps if you would actually address the issue of hitching a family's tragedy to a personal dispute/attack in a public place; with the main thrust of your point being a minister hitching a family's tragedy to sermonize as being despicable ...instead of insulting me (I have not insulted you once).

Your armchair psychology is broken. Perhaps if you actually addressed other's comments, counter-arguments (as stated) instead of attacking them, fabricating straw men monsters and jumping the shark, they wouldn't have to continue to point this out.

He does exist and he is also a parole officer.  Shall I have him contact your parole officer?

I am new to this site and I could not help but to notice the topic and post.  I will add my two cents and if there is any form of harassment from anyone I will report it.  I have read many a post in most of the groups and forums and I have learned many things.


Yes, when I read this topic I admit I was confused.  After reading the post by Regina admitting her mistake that she did not write the post correctly I decided to let it go.  She did ADMIT that she made a mistake.  However, Richard you are totally wrong with your constant badgering of this woman and this topic.  It makes me wonder about your personality.  As a former Texan and a former Baptist, the mentality that Regina mentioned is very prevalent in the black community.  


Now she did say, her heart goes out to the family.  What is your problem with that comment?  There is no way to turn back the hands of time and bring that child back.  Actually, I have a problem with the mother in this story.  Why didn't she take her sound nap after both children went to sleep?  There is a two and four year old.  I've noticed that there are too many incidents where children are dead because parents were not watching their children.  Too many in Texas. One was recently mauled to death by dogs and another drowns in a pond?  There are too many coincidences in these types of cases.  She is not blaming anyone for the death of this child. Actually, I am.


So you're ticked off because she mentioned a minister and his stupid ass comment?  That is the norm in the black church.  When I spoke with my sister I asked her what was the attitude from the black church and she said, she has not heard anything except, that his mother was at fault and that she should have tore his butt up to make him mind.  Children are curious from the time they're born and at the age of two, that is way too young to know right from wrong.  


Even I as a grandfather, I mourn for every child that is hurt, passes on or is killed.  Don't shoot the messenger on how one writes a post.  Under the circumstances, I probably would have done the same thing after encountering this so-called man of god making a comment like that.  You want his name and email address for what? So that you can tell him off?  What is that going to do?  If he feels this way about a child's death, no amount of email or rational thinking is going to change this idiot's mentality.  You are the naive one here.  Regina said, that his wife has left him.  Hasn't it ever occurred to you that the wife was sick of his comments. Regina said that she tutors his son.  Did you ask her what his son thinks of his dad?  


Both of you brought up  the race issue.  She did first after your behavior got out of control.  You would not have attacked her so doggedly if she did not admit that she grew up in the Nation of Islam and threw the shackles of racism.  With my mother being half White and Japanese and my father being black,I guess that makes me black instead of human, however,  one cannot overlook the "subtleties" of predatory aggressive racism on your part.


You accused her of libel?  Who did she libel?  You?  Puleeze, your anger and words speaks volumes.  She quoted a personal conversation.  Did you ask her, was anyone present?  No.You did not ask any of the pertinent questions, but you went on a childish tirade.


So take my advice.  Move on and put your energies elsewhere.  This is a dead horse and yes, she did put you in your place, she showed you up.







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