What's behind the Trump Administration's attack on the International Criminal Court? True, the abuses happened under previous administrations. But Trump's war on ICC officials raises deep ethical questions, beyond his embrace of torture memo authors

... the American government has steadfastly refused to take the step that 124 other states have of ratifying the Rome Statute and thus becoming a member of the international legal body. The ICC’s mandate to investigate war crimes has thus been hampered by the unwillingness of the world’s sole superpower to commit to the organization.

Recent statements from the Trump administration suggest that the United States is now preparing to go to war against the ICC itself, motivated largely by an effort to silence investigations into alleged American war crimes committed in Afghanistan, as well as alleged crimes committed by Israel during the 2014 war in the Gaza Strip.

 Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton denounced the ICC as “illegitimate”...

...,Bolton said that the United States would retaliate against any ICC investigations into U.S. activities by sanctioning the travel and finances of ICC officials, even threatening to prosecute them in American courts.

... at the center of the campaign against the ICC is a 2016 report by ICC prosecutors that deals in part with the war in Afghanistan. 

...allegations of serious crimes committed by U.S. military forces and the CIA, including “torture, cruel treatment, outrages upon personal dignity, and rape.”

The crimes in question appear to have been related to detention programs run in Afghanistan during the early years of the U.S. occupation. While the report does not name the individuals responsible nor their victims, it indicates that there are dozens of cases in which torture, cruel treatment, and sexual assault were committed by American soldiers and CIA officers in Afghanistan from 2003 to 2004.

The report also states that the alleged crimes “were not the abuses of a few isolated individuals,” adding that “there is a reasonable basis to believe these alleged crimes were committed in furtherance of a policy...

In addition to high-profile cases of torture at prison sites like Abu Ghraib, the CIA and U.S. military have been accused of brutalizing and even murdering prisoners held in their custody at detention facilities like Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan.

The unwillingness or inability of U.S. courts to seriously investigate war crimes carried out by American citizens is part of why the ICC mandate in Afghanistan has been viewed as an important effort to bring a minimum level of accountability over the conflict. [emphasis mine]

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CIA interrogators used dogs for sexual assaults September 12, 2018

Christopher Rice exposes the nauseating crimes Trump's hiding.

Did you know that attack dogs can be trained to rape everyone—literally?

After the release of the CIA torture report by Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) the world is reeling in shock at the level of brutality revealed in the documents.

But the report remains incomplete. Indeed, some 9000 documents have been withheld.

The latest CIA torture report is focused entirely on the crimes of the Bush administration. But it should not be forgotten that the horrors that have plagued Afghanistan continued under Barack Obama’s watch. 

Perhaps the most gut-wrenching story to emerge from Bagram has been buried in the German media and remains unknown to much of the world.

Jack in Kabul, a former Canadian soldier and private security contractor, says that the torture methods mentioned in the report released by the US senate is something common they do to all prisoners like chaining a person by their hands on a ceiling, tying up hands and feet, and sleep and food deprivation. But, he says, what happens in Bagram prison is unusual:

“Afghan prisoners were tied face down on small chairs. Then fighting dogs entered the torture chamber. If the prisoners did not say anything useful, each dog got to take a turn on them. After procedure like these, they confessed everything. They would have even said that they killed Kennedy without even knowing who he was.”

In an interview with (December 15, 2014), Mohammad, an Afghan interpreter in Bagram Airbase stated, “Todenhoefer’s account of dogs being used to rape prisoners in the jail is absolutely realistic.” He continued, “When I translated for them, I often knew that the detainee was anything but a terrorist.” [yellow emphasis mine]

Mohammad said at the end, “Guantanamo is a paradise if you compare it with Bagram.”

(Reuters) - The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency used a wider array of sexual abuse and other forms of torture than was disclosed in a Senate report, according to a Guantanamo Bay detainee turned government cooperating witness.

Before the Senate report detailed the agency’s interrogation methods last December, CIA officials prohibited detainees and their lawyers from publicly describing interrogation sessions, deeming detainee’s memories of the experience classified. [yellow emphasis mine]

This war on the ICC is consistent with this administration's fascist embrace of human disposability.

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