Hello from João Pessoa, Brazil. I'm a retired American Writer and trainer living the good life in Brazil. Here, I have the best climate on earth. Mild weather all year around. No tornadoes. hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and rarely even thunder storms.

Yes, life is good here and even better, far less expensive than most places. Health care is excellent, the food is good and the bikinis are minuscule.

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João Pessoa must be a good place for an atheist to live in. The flag of Paraiba is the one I'd be proud to wave. Nego!
This is a great place for anyone to live. Are you Brazilian?
De nenhuma maneira (except I'm addicted to MPB). I'm from Northern Catalonia.
Sorry, MPB? For some reason, that doesn't mean anything to me. Speaking of Catalonia, though, have you ever read any of the Aubrey/Maturin books by Patrick O'Brian? One of the main characters, Maturin, is Irish/Catalonian and there's quite a lot about Catalonia in the early 1800's in those books.

I have them all in electronic form is you'd like them.
MPB is a common acronym for Música Popular Brasileira. To my chagrin, I noticed it didn't figure prominently in your video ;-). My favorite song belong to that genre (hardly a day passes without me humming or whistling Águas de Março at some point).

I've heard about the Maturin character, although I've neither read the novels nor seen the movie. Thanks for the offer, but my pile of unread books is already way too high at the moment.
Your pile of books? I currently have about 800 ebooks on a tablet PC I use for a reader. There are so many available for free on the internet that I seem to be accumulating them faster than I can read them and, these days, I'm not even looking for them, I just happen to see one now and then that I want.

But, being ofsome Scots heritage, I'm unable to resist free. LMAO
I just like the sensual feel of paper, and it's friendlier to my eyes than a tablet screen. And while my pile of unread old-fashioned books is only ~100, I guess it takes a bit more space than yours.

Btw, Catalans are to Spaniards what Scots are to Brits. (Although it may not apply to me, since Northern Catalonia actually belongs to France.)
I just downloaded Águas de Marços. Very nice. I'll load that on my tablet pc, too. I can play it while reading.

Yep, I've heard the old argument about "liking the look and feel of paper" countless times. But I can adjust me screen to look just like paper. I'm sure that, when printed books were first made, there are those that said, "But I love he look and feel of scrolls on parchment. Being able to unwind the text as I read is to easy and comforting."

From an environmental standpoint, how much better is a tablet PC that can hold all the books, videos, and music I need than cutting down trees making paper, glue, and ink? True making electronic devices is hardly pollution-free, but compared to that of printing 800 books?

I was in Europe for a month last September and I had hoped to get to Catalonia, but it wasn't to be. Maybe next trip.






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