Learning that here in the South ( US ) I am surrounded
by such closed minds when it comes to even considering
 the reality of our origins.God pops into so many conversations.
And I am bombarded with religious symbols & slogans that 
assault my senses. Why are people here so scared to not believe 
In a god or to at least even consider the lack of evidence of an all powerful
creator ?

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It is the culture, and cultures do not change quickly, as history demonstrates.  I envy those living in the south for the weather and beauty, but I definitely don't envy the south's citizens concerning the religious nonsense that confronts one everywhere one turns.

I deal with the same with my area, the rural pockets of my state. Not as bad as the south though, as the hyperreligiosity dissappears as fast as you can arrive back in civilization (the bigger cities).

It has in the past been a virtue to believe in god. That meant you were humble and a moral person. Not believing was synonymous with arrogance and immorality, someone not to be trusted. Not to mention a "sinful" and selfish lifestyle. In fact it is still considered so. Faith was also considered a virtue. Thankfully the "New Atheism" is challenging those ideas but they are still part of the culture in the South. NC is where I grew up.


Look at the statistics and you'll see it's not just the South. http://religions.pewforum.org/reports


I am familiar with the absolute rejection of the possibility that there may be no god, and was entirely too guilty of that crime myself when I was younger, so perhaps my experience will shed a little light. I was brought up from the day I was born to believe that there was one god. He was the only god. His book, the Bible, was his holy word and that word was infallable. If it was contradictory, it was because we were interpreting it incorrectly or, when that argument failed, because "His ways were higher than our Ways". How could we understand such ways??! We were just humans, what did we know. For one of faith, that last argument was an effective catch-all. Then everything else I came to understand about the world was built on the foundation of that god and his book. Colored by christian lenses if you will. Of course when you build on a faulty foundation, everything on top of it tends to lean and sway this way and that and it makes it exceptionally easy to dismiss anything that could possibly challenge the Three Foundational Facts of this World as easily as you'd dismiss the assertion that the sky is red. And as we all know, a red sky is just silly. Except when the world is on fire, but who would be interested in knowing that anyway?
What are the "Three Foundational Facts"? Is that the trinity you are referring to? Sorry I was raised Jewish.

Hi there Bombarded. I'm land locked in the Bible Belt, too, in Tennessee.

I just joined yesterday.

You are absolutely correct.

We don't dare say anything that might assault their fragile beliefs.

It's so utterly ridiculous.

I honestly don't know how they reconsile the rotation of the planet with religion.

But down here, corn is king..or rather the "Lard"


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