Found this book mention on a Facebook group I belong to:  Pass The 28th Amendment - Complete Removal Of The Church From The S...

This book sells on Amazon - says it's not for children. Essentially, it beautifully illustrates some Bible verses and aspects, that religious clergy refuse to talk about. Morbid, unethical, evil, cruel and freaky-weird stuff... perfect depiction of the bible/s!

I think each page of this book should be collage'd into a large poster, which can be proudly framed and displayed in our living rooms to elicit conversation. I am not promoting buying the book, nor am I connected to the book or author or publishing company in any way - just bringing awareness.

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That seems weird, but you never know what type of literature might allow a child to grow up thinking that all this bible stuff is really fables and fairy tales. Says it's not for children but look at what we teach them now. I think they could handle this.

Just today I saw some man on You Tube argueing that Jesus does heal amputees. His argument was that lepers often have body parts eaten away, and that Jesus healed lepers in the Buybull, so it proves that Jesus does heal amputees. Good old circular reasoning and that wonderful Buybull. You can prove anything by the Buybull.

Your book might be good if it doesn't have the above kind of logic!

I want to clarify this book pokes fun of religion. Certain bible verses are artfully-illustrated to look like the type of drawings used in actual kid's bibles....except THIS art is accurate about the verses. (i.e.  deuteronomy 22:28-29 which depicts 'raping virgins forever'.)  Horus D. Gilgamesh (author) reads his Bibles every day, much more often than most Christians. After spending a decade in full time ministry and several years studying the origins and history of the world's most sacred text, he realized that more people really needed to know what was in the "good" book. 


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