Book Of Mormon (The Musical) Does Display Much Of The Stupidity Of Mormonism!

I've been looking at reviews of the musical and even though the Mormon church tries to pretend that the musical does not depict that the church is based on a charlatan's fake vision, it certainly does.

Here is a link to some of the songs from the musical and yes, they are quite amusing.

The show is coming to Australia and it should be Great!

 And here is their Tony award prize winning performance.

The Mormon church is in denial and pretends wrongly that this musical doesn't depict Mormon Stupidity and how their Greedy, Con Man originator, Joseph Smith invented the entire story in order to usurp power, sex and profit from unintelligent nutjobs.

Mormonism, is one of the most successful con jobs of our time, like Scientology, and proves P. T. Barnum correct, in that "There Is a Sucker Born Every Minute".

The con appears to work mostly on the Barnum-Forer effect and Subjective Validation:

Mormonism appeals to those wanting polygamous relationships, to those interested in marrying young women, those who want to think America is divinely important so it appeals to nationalistic fervour and several other doctrines invented by Joseph Smith to appeal to victims subjective validation.  In other words, it gives believers what they desire to be true in a religion.  We can have what we desire in this life, and be granted an eternal life afterwards.

This is the appeal of most religions, including Islam and Scientology.

Enjoy!  :-D~

Hope to see the play myself when it comes here.

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Sometimes the makers of South Park piss me off, but this musical is dead-on. I especially like "Hasa Diga Eebowai," a play on "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King.


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