Book Store and Library Patrons - a little harmless subversion anyone?

This may already be a meme - but I like the idea and intend to act upon it. The next time you are in a bookstore or library do one of the following:

1. Move a Bible to the Mythology section
2. Move a Book of Mormon to the Fantasy section
3. Move a Koran to the Fiction section
4. Move any Scientology text next to the rest of  the L. Ron Hubbard books in the Science Fiction section

Have fun - mix it up. Just one book - every time you go. If enough of us start doing it, people will begin to notice. It's not as if we're burning books - actually, it could be said we are simply lending a hand.

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Okay - bookstores not libraries then?
I'm going with Rusty's idea - more opportunities and less impact on people's workload - as long as it doesn't rise to the level of littering.

If I see a Scripture in a non-fiction reference section - I will move it though.
You are so cute living up to your nic like this. :^D (However, since I too live in Nerdville - I actually meant to look it up.) Thanks.
Its start'n to look like a MOVEMENT!!
I used to move the Bibles around in Borders after hearing a friend did it. It started become a thing where even my Christian friends did it, but eventually the employees got sick of it and moved the Bible section in an attempt to fool us.
My dad was quite religious, but not above a bit of library mischief. He loved books. Our house was so stuffed with books of all descriptions that we didn't need much insulation in the walls. Quite the resource growing up, actually. Occasionally he would donate one of his books to the library by sneaking it in and putting it on their shelves, filed more or less appropriately. Of course, it had no official library spine tag so it couldn't be checked out or filed completely accurately, and it was probably quite a while before anybody noticed any of his little acts of mayhem, but he seemed to get a charge out of it.
When Sarah Palin's book was published our book store had them everywhere and I would go and get copies of the Frog Princess book and place it in front of all the display copies. I got busted once, but not thrown out, she thought I was just being lazy.

I know not the same thing. I shall do as you ask with pleasure.




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