Anyone have any favorite books on atheism ? I have several with three more on the way. Among two of my favorites are Atheism: The Case Against God by George H. Smith, and French philosopher Michel Onfray's book Atheist Manifesto.

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Hitchens' God is not great ranks up there for me.

No particular book but a number of Ingersoll's lectures on antireligion are also good for me.

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Hitchens' God is not great ranks up there for me.

No particular book but a number of Ingersoll's lectures on antireligion are also good for me."

I've been meaning to get God is not great but haven't gotten around to it yet.

But aside from Atheist Manifesto and Atheism: The Case Against God I have the following

The God Delusion (Richard Dawkins)

Has Science Found God (Victor J. Stenger)

God the Failed Hypothesis (Stenger)

God and the Folly of Faith (Stenger)

Atheist Universe (David Mills)

Irreligion (John Allen Paulos)

Daylight Atheism (Adam Lee)

How To Prove God Does Not Exist (Trevor Treharne).

And I have coming

The Impossibility of God (Michael Martin)

The End of Faith (Sam Harris)

And Science and Nonbelief (Taner Edis).

Where can one find the above books, they seem not to be in book stores here in South africa. I would love to get God is not great.


"Where can one find the above books, they seem not to be in book stores here in South africa. I would love to get God is not great."

Do you all in South Africa have ? If so, you can find them there under books.

Dawkins and Hitchens both have some great books, Sam Harris as well. I listening to his book, The Moral Landscape and it's really good and very interesting. 

My first was "Why I Am Not a Christian" by Bertrand Russell. I devoured the titular essay hastily from a chair in the bookstore while my young son played with the toy train set in the children's section. I'm actively searching for an older copy of the book. Used book stores are my Mecca. The Internet is cheating. 

Then I ran into "The God Delusion". That was a life changer. "god is not great" was next, and also instrumental in my own personal acceptance of my atheism.

I'm not a huge fan of Sam Harris (his writing style just doesn't appeal to me) but I thoroughly enjoyed "Letter to a Christian Nation".

Thomas Paine's "The Age of Reason" was enjoyable. 

I have a copy of "The Atheist Manifesto". I wish I could read it in the original French. I have a feeling it lost a lot in translation. 

Another Hitch work: "The Portable Atheist" will tickle your brain for quite a while. I love quotation anthologies. 

I paged quickly through "God: The Failed Hypothesis". It gets quite technical in places and I think I checked it out of the library at a point in which I didn't have much time for thinking. I'll probably pick it up if I see it in the bookstore. 

"Why We Believe in Gods" by J. Anderson Thomson Jr. and Clare Aukofer

"Good Without God" bu Greg Epstein

"A Devil's Chaplain" - More Dawkins (I'm a fan. I'm also not listing his science books. I'm working on collecting them all)

"The Salmon of Doubt" - Douglas Adams. It's really a compilation of everything left over on his computer after he died. Still, lots of good stuff in there. 

Susan Jacoby's "Freethinkers" gives a short history lesson on some notable heathens. 

I have this one James Randi book. I think the title is something like "Supernatural A to Z". It's an encyclopaedic text of all sorts of supernatural things and why none of them are actually real. It's thoroughly entertaining reading. 

I have a long commute, so I do what I call "Drive Time University" - I check out books on CD from the library, sync them to my phone, and listen to them on the drive. When at ALL possible, I look for books read by the author. Some Drive Time U choices have been as follows: 

Jerry A. Coyne's "Why Evolution is True" 

Dawkins: "The Blind Watchmaker" and "The Magic of Reality"

Penn Jillette's "God, No!" -- it's "meh". Some parts are good pro-atheist stuff, most of the rest is porn. And frankly, I did not want a mental picture of Penn Jillette having sex while scuba-diving or visiting a gay bath house in the 80s. Thanks, can I clean my brain now?

I'm currently working my way through "Parenting Beyond Belief" and "Raising Freethinkers". They're ok, with some fairly good advice, but most of it is simply handling religion with kid gloves. Not getting a whole lot of information here that you can't get from eleventy-billion other parenting books. 

I'll second "Why I Am Not a Christian" and "The Age of Reason". I don't get tired of reading through either one. Dennett's "Breaking the Spell" is good too and probably one of the better ones to recommend to a theist.


I read the Blind Watchmaker sometime in the 1990s. It's a good book. But The God Delusion covers enough of the stuff from The Blind Watchmaker to satisfy me without my having to purchase it. Dawkins explains evolution through natural selection so well that practically anyone can understand it.


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