Something I did purely for the LULZ during last year's Christmas Shopping season was I moved copies of R. Crumb's newly published Illustrated Book of Genesis (which gives a straightforward, unflinching retelling of the first book of the Hebrew Bible in embarrassingly vivid illustrated form) out of the Graphic Novels section where this bookstore displayed them and plopped down copies in the middle of the "Christian Inspiration" table, just for the LULZ.


Every time I went back to that bookstore, the staff had moved it back, of course, but I would always go get one and move it back ;-)


Just trying to get a rise out of the religious in the small N. Texas college town I was in at the time....


Dick move?  Maybe.  Don't care.  The bible IS offensive.  R. Crumb's illustrated version is a faithful rendition.  I do hope I duped at least a few Christians to pick it up and be provoked into thought (after getting over their shock, of course).


Sorry for the inconvenience I caused the bookstore staff, but it was for the greater good :-)


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