Just picked up the game Borderlands yesterday, didn't know what to expect, but WOW. It's absolutely amazing.... a very well done, aesthetically pleasing and intuitive first-person shooter with RPG elements. I had been looking for a game that had some sort of sniper specialty mechanics and this one is perfect for it (as the Hunter class anyway).

Played it all evening and got to level 13... I haven't been this excited about a game in a long time!

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I just picked it up myself, and I'm very impressed. I'm also playing the hunter class. Love me some sniping!
on ps3 or xbox? just curios
xbox here.
I've already put so many days into this game, about 5 or 6 on my main character. My main is a hunter level 61. I recently traded it with my friend for Mass Effect 2(which is awesome by the way). If I get it back anytime soon I'll play with anyone who has it one the 360.
I'm horrible at console fps, i much prefer the pc, mouse and keyboard for fps and rts. Most other games i like a controller on though.
it was made by freethinkers i believe. there is missions in there that you burn scriptures. then there is the songs at the beginning and the end.
It was a very entertaining game, especially taking it online with friends.
I'm actually making my way back through it and the dlc now.

What did you think about the ending?  The game was great but the ending left me  wanting.  Luckily there is sequel on the way.  I felt like I kept in the dark during the game on purpose.  Maybe the sequel will finally answer some of those questions.

the last boss was very unsatisfying, and what was the vault.  We were really left hanging.  I never finished general knoxx I will have to go back and finish it.

I need to get this game! Thanks for the post!

Anyone complete Mad Moxxie's?  It is the only one I haven't finished and it always kicks my ass.

Yup, it's fun to do :)

Of course now I'm more looking forward to Borderlands 2, which is slated for September.




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