Why do people become born again christians?

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I have no idea.

However, the people through this link may have a good answer for you. [I remembered to use rel="nofollow"]
I thought Landover Baptist was a parody.
It is.
I am talking to someone in another forum and she is a bac,so I'll find out and report back.
I'd venture to say intense persuasion, and perhaps earlier childhood indoctrination.
Not quite born-again, but a good friend of mine went from being brought up deeply Protestant, even going to Seminary, then became an Atheist, then married a Catholic and is now a Catholic apologist.

I believe the term is 'pussy whipped.' He seems to conform his beliefs to whomever he is dating/trying to date.
My niece is kind of like your friend. In her case, she met a BAC and "fell in love". Now I call her "Puppet" because she just does whatever he wants her to. When they dunked her head in the water, they totally "brainwashed" her. :-P
I always thought it was from some sort of coming to adulthood crisis - all the bornagain's I've met seemed to have had there "bath" at around age 30.
OK,the ball comment is REALLY funny.
By far, the largest group I have run into came to it as a way out of a debilitating addiction. However, it appeared to me that this was only a mild improvement and evidence that the underlying tendencies that led to their addiction were not actually altered by their religious conversion.
Born again as referring to being saved is the act of letting Jesus into your heart. Basically the believe that you can invite Jesus as coming into your life and from then on the Holy Spirit guides you through your life. This is where the term born again comes from, as in being a better person.

*cough* Load of crap. *cough*

That was putting it simply, to go into more detail it would take splitting the different diversities on Christianity. Even me saying the Holy Spirit directs them isn't true for all, only most.
Fun from Deacon Fred

But, in all seriousness people actually believe this stuff.


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