Why do people become born again christians?

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I met a few people who went to something called "Promise Keepers."
They seemed to have problems with women, Jews, and poor people. The few men I knew who went to Promise Keepers seemed to cement their attitude rather than gain understanding and tolerance.
My observation may be wrong, but I didn't see anything good come of it.
Unfortunately, our emotions are the closest we have to a metaphysical anything.
Sense of belonging, from the people I've met. As long as you accept the propaganda you get accepted no matter what.
I think it must be a combination of people being in a life crisis and any fundy within a mile can spot these poor folks and glom onto them like stink on shit. These fundie bastards make it a practice to prey on anyone they perceive to be vulnerable and take full advantabe of the situation. When people are in crisis the are too often only too happy to let someone "take care" of them. They are made to feel accepted, loved and protected. It's so easy to fall into the myth that jeebus is looking out for you.

Also, there are some people who simply trade one addiction for another drug/habit/behavior of choice for religion....often brought into the fold by the same methods and preditors mentioned above. This probably dosen't account for every BAC, but this has been my observation in many instances of personal aquantance.




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