Oh boy! It must be my lucky day! I got "The Atheist Test" in my new copy of "God Is Not Great"... see here http://ecclesia.org/truth/atheist.html

That banana argument again... it really did the trick this time. I am gonna have to stop reading and posting on here. Oh wait. No. No it didn't. Morons.

Anybody else gotten one of these in a book or elsewhere? I bought mine at the nearby UW Bookstore in Mill Creek Wa. I wrote them an email saying that I thought the content of the booklet was silly but slightly offended that it was there. I asked how outraged a parent would be to find a page of pornography in a kids book or for a Christian to find an argument for Atheism in their spanking new bible.

Guess I will have to flip through all the books in the Atheism / Agnostic section next time to remove any other books of "fun facts".

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You know what I'm going to do. I'm going select a series of delicious Bible passages and leave their in the inside cover of every single fucking Bible I ever fucking see ever.

We should all start doing this.
As much fun as that would be my general luck would have me locked up I am sure when I was caught.

I think I will just check books and pull them out when I find them.
Just have certain selections given, printed out on a piece of paper, and slip one of several such, small pieces into each bible in the store. It helps if you work at the store.
haha - that site you posted is actually kind of funny...do they really compare god to a television set? yup, they do. and the whole banana thing - is there anywhere i can point out that all of these characteristics of the banana also benefit...monkeys? (who we humans are absolutely not related to in anyway). sorry for your frustrating-book-purchase-moment, but thanks for the chuckle! =;)
This is too much. Guess I wasn't supposed to enjoy a tasty pineapple, coconut, artichoke, or hamburger, etc.

When I switch on a TV - I can switch it off again.

I can actually go to China - not everywhere - just to Beijing - and see some gold for myself, analyze it, photograph it, show it to my friends ...

Then the quotes that completely ignore the huge and obvious overarching context Darwin and Einstein said things in.

Then the whole thing still devolves into "It says so in this book."

Like to see Ray design something useful - like some way to pull the stick out of his ass.




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