I was wondering how the Atheist community felt about this. I know that a lot of you don't care for Christians, or Christian music/books, etc...

There's an LDS bookstore my mom often goes to. I hate being in there, being seen, and I don't want to buy anything (LDS or otherwise) because I don't want to give them the business. Is this ethical?

Obviously it's a person's choice what they purchase and where, so is it that simple? If you refuse to purchase an item that you would have if the shop was not religious, is that bigotry?

What if the shop isn't affiliated with a religion, but is privately owned and covered in religious paraphernalia? What if it's a gas station playing religious sermons? (I've had that experience...)

What if it's a charity for a cause you believe in-- with religious ties?

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I don't see anything wrong with boycotting places of business that are owned by or sell or play religious anything. What do you think a christian would do if they walked into a store and realized an atheist owned it, or was just working behind the counter? Could you picture that? Of course you can! lol
I'm of two minds on this. The first being to not give them any business whatsoever and the other (when feasible) to do business with them, be as pleasant as possible and additionally disclose that I am an atheist. Drives them a little nutty when we don't follow their preconceived notions of "the scary atheists!"
I agree. Too many people think atheists are "scary" or something equally negative. So the more pleasant the better.
You couldn't push me into a Mardels, but I love Hobby Lobby.
I don't think it's bigotry. I think it is good to spend your dollars where you see fit!
If a store harrassed a friend of yours b/c of their appearance / race / gender etc.
would you be a bigot for boycotting the bigots?
This relates to something I was thinking about last week - are there "Atheist Pages"
lots of cities have "gay pages" to promote LGBTQ owned or friendly businesses.
as a side note - YIKES - Broadcasting sermons at a gas station - barf!
Yeah it made me sick. They were playing it at school (for something after school that I had to stay for) which was so disgusting to me I had to leave, only to wander into a gas station playing it as well.
I've loved Hobby Lobby since I was a little kid. Chick-fil-a is one of my favorite places to eat out. A lot of the organizations I support the most have fairly strong religious ties.

We operate in a world where it's hard to avoid religion in everyday life. It might be selfish, but until it very personally affects me, I'll go wherever is most convenient. I'm just too lazy to boycott everything I don't agree with. :P
I've never had Chick-fil-a, so it's easy for me to "boycott" it. I've heard before that they actually openly discriminate against homosexuals. I think it was a friend of my sister whose sexuality actually came out during the interview or it was asked on the application. >.X
I love Chik-fil-A's food, but on top of their discrimination and religiousness, they also use Styrofoam cups which I can't stand. So, alas, Chik-fil-A no more. Too many negatives.
I love Chick-Fil-A!
That's the only thing I really enjoyed while I was living near the South. They don't have any up north, which is a shame. I'm sure it's all hormonally enhanced toxic sludge, but it sure as hell tastes good. Better than KFC anyway.
Plus, you can see the chicken meat! It's not paste! That's something, at least.

Although I acquired a pretty close recipe. >:) I do not have to be their love-slave.


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