I was wondering how the Atheist community felt about this. I know that a lot of you don't care for Christians, or Christian music/books, etc...

There's an LDS bookstore my mom often goes to. I hate being in there, being seen, and I don't want to buy anything (LDS or otherwise) because I don't want to give them the business. Is this ethical?

Obviously it's a person's choice what they purchase and where, so is it that simple? If you refuse to purchase an item that you would have if the shop was not religious, is that bigotry?

What if the shop isn't affiliated with a religion, but is privately owned and covered in religious paraphernalia? What if it's a gas station playing religious sermons? (I've had that experience...)

What if it's a charity for a cause you believe in-- with religious ties?

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I was a little late to the game regarding Whataburger. I only noticed the "one nation under God" decal a few months ago. Religious expression doesn't bother me, but "one nation under God" seems to cross the line. They're not so much saying "ain't Jesus great" as they are "atheists don't belong here."

But a boycott is meaningless unless they know that you are, in fact, boycotting and exactly why you're doing so. I tried to get some information out of Whataburger - not an explanation, just some direction on where to take my complaint, but they are ignoring me.

So now the issue has become my first blog project. I hope they like. FriscoAtheists
I avoid buying from stores in which the owner pushes religion. I still like to look around Christian bookstores, but I don't buy. I don't go to Chick Fillet (but will take their free samples) and I try not to order from the local pizza shop which has Jesus stuff all over the place. I have nothing against the people who are Christians, but when those people use their business to push their religion then I have to boycott them. There are plenty of religious people who own stores and don't use their stores to push their religion. I have no problem shopping there, but I will do what I can to shop from atheist owned stores whenever possible.
but when those people use their business to push their religion then I have to boycott them.

Or use their religion to push their business! I'm not saying it's not okay to run a religious/nonreligious business, except for in cases where they're essentially skilled con-men, who people trust because they're a "man of God". That makes me crazy.
Hi Jezzy...I posted this under another question that I had asked. But, I also wanted to post it here, just in case you didn't see it there.

Anyway, I did some more research and found the following link.


It's just one of many I found on the web. I thought some of us here might be interested in knowing that there are many lists of christian companies out there who actively get together and work to push their religion. As I've said before, if given the choice, I'll spend my money elsewhere and not contribute to their cause.
The one place I feel should be boycotted is the YMCA. Since they are a religious based institution they have tax-exempt status (just like churches). They use their tax advantages to push out similar businesses.
Funny, in Texas... well you surely saw the headlines in regards to some print press corporation getting a HUGE chunk of change by being able to print the same history denial books for ten years into the future for the youth to be fooled. Yet more residual from the 8 years and other, from the Bush admin...
which were all about divide (the people) and rule (their money/lives)

well, onward with our activist selves into history
I get the feeling that some restaurants around here load up their waiting area with bibles and other christian paraphernalia only to attract the Sunday after church crowd.
Well, plus, they're obviously just trying to cover up that they're a front for the porn industry.
I honestly couldn't care less about stores with religious ties. Sure, I would never buy from an actual Christian bookstore or anything of that ilk, but when it comes to secular business owned by the religious (Chik-fil-a being a great example), it just doesn't matter to me. I want these people to be civil to me, so I might as well be civil to them.

Plus, that smokey mustard sauce is the proverbial shit.
There's nothing wrong with avoiding religious messages and religious prosteletizing. If a store has christian music playing, I leave. I am not required by anyone to hear religious messages.

If a store or business uses its profits for discrimination, I am not required to buy they products either. That is not bigoted, it's making an ethical choice about what practices I want to support.

If I refuse to go to a store because the owner, or an employee, is known to belong to a particular religion - christian, muslim, scientologist, yabbadabbadooist, that's different. It's more complicated, because they may be tithing with money that I provide, or they may be discriminating against people like me. In some cases, you can be sure of it. Mormons tithe, and actively promoted discrimination against gays in California, for example. They were the biggest financial contributers to measure 8. We can't avoid all religious people, but we can make choices when available, as the religious people and organizations also do.
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Don't be sure I don't include carols in my decision. I find christian music disgusting. I lsee little reason to shop in a place that forces me to listen to deification of an evil fictional character like jesus and yahweh.

I do try to avoid shopping during christmas season, but it can't be escaped. I tolerate rudolf the red nosed reindeer and it's the hap hap happiest time and the secular christmas music. You can't really call rudolf a christian icon I think although I might enjoy an image of him nailed to a cross. THe other 2 crosses, since they have to come in 3, could have santa claus and the grinch.

I probably tune out xmas jesustunes for mental survival, but if I notice it there's a good chance I might just leave the place. And if I pass the customer service desk on my way out, I might tell them why.




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