Hey guys wouldn't it be great if all of us nonbelievers could/would boycott the holidays by not buying anything on christmas, easter, hanukkah and passover? That would be a blast!! Maybe we could start a site for this which we all joined.

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I was at a big grocery/household goods store yesterday and got the strangest feeling, like I was in a foreign country and didn't understand the language. All the red/green, xmas trees, ornaments, trinkets and doodads. The xmas music.
I think you're out of luck in organizing any kind of boycott. A lot of atheists enjoy the holiday because of the family gatherings, the kids enjoying it, the playfulness.
It's not for me either, but no way is a boycott going to have any kind of momentum.
I just picked up my new laptop on black friday for a great deal. Although my family this year isn't celebrating X-mas. No tree lights etc. Just a family gathering. :D
Maybe so, but for my family we enjoy the lights & trees (they're beautiful), the Santa story, the togetherness with family and friends, the gifts, and just the overall feelings during the holidays. I feel that because we are atheists we can celebrate any holiday we want in any way we choose and it can mean exactly what we want it to mean. The Xians jacked xmas anyway, most of us feel like we have to be closeted, we're oppressed as a whole, portrayed to be evil and without ethics etc... so I'm not going to let them take one single thing from my family that they don't already have. We have a tree, presents, lights, and we bake cookies and spend time with friends (xian & non), that's our xmas and god isn't in it. We also celebrate most other holidays but god isn't in those either.
I feel that is the great thing about being atheist; we don't have to follow any holiday "rules."

Celebrate life, love & family on xmas or any other day you choose. You're an atheist and truely free to choose. I don't think a boycott would really fly because I think most atheists celebrate xmas in some form or fashion.... but I sure would be for a MAJOR expansion of the billboard and bus sign campaign. Once we have more strength in numbers more atheists will come out of the closet.
No way! I like the gifts and the food, especially chocolate covered cherries and cheese ball. But, I am considering moving the celebration to the Solstice and using a fairytale theme in my lights. I want to have fun on the shortest day of the year.
Northern Europe has a festival during summer solstice.
Because I am too dang old to handle it more than three times a year!
It's mostly been apathy that's kept me from doing the Xmas present-buying thing. It seems like a waste. The world around me does it, people get stressed out...and meanwhile I'm chilled. Xmas music is so annoying...people are usually depressed this time of year, and to top it off there's cheesy music telling you how great everything is. Partying and Xmas lights though, they're something to cheer people up during the darkest time of year. It's just that Xmas has often become the exact opposite of what it is supposed to represent (just like many other holidays)...family togetherness, meanwhile dysfunctional families get together and fight or pretend they don't hate each other...generosity, but it just turns into greed and materialism.
I just don't care enough about buying people junk they probably won't like. I didn't know that I was allowing oppression by not buying people junk, but, anything you say.
I won't not go to the liquor store ;)

If I do anything on Xmas, it's going to a restrauant that's open or seeing a movie in the theatres (only time I won't just download it) I think it's good to use your pocketbook to show businesses that it's worth it to stay open on December 25th.
I kind of like that there's a day most people get off. People work so much as it is. I don't mind working on Xmas, but I won't pass up getting a day off just b/c it's vaguely religious.

It just grinds my gears...


I need to go out of my way - sometimes having to go as far as threatening to quit - to get Halloween and my birthday off (what are the closest things to "religious" holidays for me) but if someone is Muslim and wants to come into work late for a month it's not an issue.

I loose money because I'm forced to take time off work over other peoples religious activities. It also negatively affects people who could be using the services provided by places of employment, who are unable to due to Sky God Day and Sky God Day Eve.

This certainly is true. I'd like to take off on 4/20! Or the day after.




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