My name's Michael. I'm a United States Marine. I've been an Atheist for a good portion of my life, I'm currently getting active in it. I run a blog called Crucifacts www.crucifacts.wordpress.com It's more on the humor side while I do try to add in points in every post. I plan to stick around here for a while because this looks like the largest community, that's active, I've been able to find.

Thank you!

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I like this photo from your blog:

Welcome to the forum!

Thank you for reading it. Yeah Christopher Hitchens is a hero of mine. He has a lot of debates online where he completely leaves theists speechless.

Welcome Michael, I hope you will enjoy it here!

god was kidnapped and religion wants an undisclosed amount of money before we see him again…

I saw the rest of your title and crowed!

You tell those bastards we need a "Proof of Life" or they ain't gettin' squat!

Funny stuff, I'm enjoying the blog!

HAHA, I'm glad you found it funny. That's what I'm going for. With a little bit of a point to get across.

hey Michael, Oorah!  I'm not a marine but know and admire many.

Your blog is a hoot.

Haha, thank you. I use the blog for humor and to get certain things off my chest. I try to keep it from being as dry as possible. I appreciate the support!

My name is Michael and I am new as well :D

Hitchens was certainly great.  Here's one of my favorites...

It's called "faith" because it's not knowledge.

--Christopher Hitchens

Welcome, Michael!

Definitely one of my favorites. He is quickly becoming a hero of mine.

Thank you!!

Thank you! And thank you for reading it!

Did the miss the "welcome to atheism" ceremonial paddling? I brought the chicken suit.




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