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I wrote an essay once, that ended:

Life is very strange.  It's stranger than anybody's "story" about it, it doesn't fit into anybody's frame, and perhaps it's essentially beyond thought.   Stories being like the bags we put around life, and when something comes along and pokes a hole in the story, the life escapes like air coming out of a pin-stuck balloon.  For me, a happy thing, to lose a faith. 

I didn't mean religious faith, rather other beliefs that shaped my life. 

Luara, a woman I know told a writers group we're in that something I'd written was insightful. Your essay's end is far more insightful than what I'd written.

I've read it about five times; it's all but poetic. Thanks for sharing it.

Why thanks :) 

Perhaps I should post the whole thing.  It's quite intense and personal.  It's from several years ago, before my current crisis with allergies developed, so it's not the truth about my current situation.  But it might mean a lot to some people. 

I would like to read it. 

I've known about Brad being atheist for some time. I don't know him, never met him, but his hometown is 4 hours drive away from me. Depending on his relationship with his relatives he's likely to be around Springfield sometimes.

As for the "faith" issue, I don't look at it like others do. They say about a gravity experiement that I have "faith" that the ball being dropped will fall to the ground. No, I don't! I have knowledge that the dropped ball with fall because it's demonstrable. It works the same every time. No deviation.

The theist wants to claim he has "faith" and that has something to do with god, some claim of god, or what god might do. Nothing can be demonstrated. Nothing works the same every time, or it might not work at all. Belief along this line is like rolling dice. All you have to do is claim "god did it."

Ignorance is simply not knowing. Moronic is another thing.

Back to Brad a moment. Did he have faith in himself? Yes. This is why he is a successful actor.

Well said, Brad.




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