As anyone reading this knows, a common attack against atheism is one against our moral character. Prison statistics overwhelmingly indicate otherwise and yet we still have to suffer this fictitious stereotype. I have seen more immoral acts committed in the name of religion than I have seen tied to an Atheistic lack of morality. The whole idea of forgiving sins opens the door to any type of immoral behavior. I would like to change the opinions of the world that people need religion in order to behave like human beings.

I have one idea that would work extremely well, however, I need help from someone with experience building a discussion forum. I have never used a discussion forum like this one before and I'm not sure if I like it yet. Otherwise I thought Simple Machines Forum (SMF) would be best. If done properly (something I don't have the capacity to do) it could shine as a pillar of atheist contribution to the world. Contact me if you can help with this project.

Other than this, I think we should all be try to find ways of showing that Atheists are as moral if not more moral than our religious counterparts.

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Solution: Create an Atheist Ten Commandments and promote it.

Of course, many nontheists don't like to be told what is OK and what isn't OK. But that is probably due to the variety of non deity beliefs that non theists have. It would be like trying to get all the religions to agree on the same doctrine.

But, I think the solution would make many non theists aware that we are really not of like minds as many of the political proselytizers try to promote. In the end, it might work though. If it did, it would draw many converts to non theism since the basic issue among the public has always been "core values". Give them reasonable "core values" and it just might kill religion as we know it.
1) Don't kill (with a few exceptions, such as self defense)
2) Don't steal
3) Treat others as you would want to be treated
4) Think critically and rationally and weigh the evidence before making conclusions
5) Treat everyone equally, as individuals, not on the basis of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, nationality, or cultural heritage.
6) Thou shalt not be an asshole.
7) Keep religion and government separate and do not put religious items or slogans in government buidlings or on anything produced by the government; nor should government officials invoke religion beliefs into speeches.
8) Christmas displays shall not be put up prior to the day after Thanksgiving, nor left up after Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
9) Thou shalt be honest and faithful to the provider of thy nookie (RIP George Carlin)
10) These commandments may be altered by a 90% concensus in a democratic vote.
Are you looking for forum software or just someone to install and run a forum?
I think another argument Christians like to make regarding morality is that they do more charity work. Part of the issue there is that they already have strength in numbers from the people who go to church. There are many atheists who help charities, but because they aren't part of a group, they aren't seen as atheists helping charities, but as individuals helping charities.

I know some churches give out food to the homeless only in exchange for listening to them preach about the Bible. When an atheist helps a charity, it isn't to advance the cause of atheism, but it is, rather, out of our own kindness and humanity.


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