Saudi women have agreed to start breastfeeding their drivers so that they can be able to vie for the ability to drive.


It all started with Sheikh Abdul Mohsin al-Abaican, a consultant at the Saudi Royal Court, who issued what else but a fatwa stipulating that:

There should be symbolic bond between unrelated men and women who regularly come into contact with each other.


This was followed by the brilliant idea of a Saudi scholar who recommended women "donate their breast milk to men." After all, in Islam breast milk kinship is considered to be as good as a blood, according to the Gulf News . This way the drivers can become the women's sons and they would no longer be considered to be going around with men who were not related to them.

Before you jump of a bridge over the insanity of this fatwa, take a moment to applaud Saudi women who instead of giving up all hope in this culture of anything absurd towards women goes, have made this into an opportunity to intensify their campaign to give women in Saudi Arabia the right to drive. Journalist Amal Zahid said that the slogan of the campaign will be: "We either be allowed to drive or breastfeed foreigners!"


While the Saudi authorities pretend as though they are the ones who hold the moral high ground by continuing to go out of their way to keep the sexes segregated and prevent women from driving, the issuing of fatwas such as this just goes to show who the real perverts  are: Saudi men.

Saudi men and "scholars" who would rather preserve women's purity (and other BS) by not allowing them to mix with men, but telling them it is okay to have strangers suckle on your breast so they become related to you?!

As one Saudi woman asks, "Is this is all that is left to us to do: to give our breasts to the foreign drivers?"


The truth of the matter is, Saudi authorities want to keep denying women the right to drive as part of their larger efforts to curb the mobility of women and in effect, their rights. After all, the less you are able to get around the less you are able to do. It's the hiding behind all the Islamic and religious justification that is the most disgusting part to tolerate.

Kudos to the women of Saudi Arabia for taking this as an opportunity to expose to the world and keep reminding us of the culture of absurdity their are forced to live in. These women should be congratulated for using the issuing of yet another insane fatwa and flipping it  into an opportunity to maybe one day, finally winning their right to drive.





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If anyone still dares to say that religion is not, in fact, batshit insane then that person should definitely be locked up.

This is a prime example of the lack of good mental health in religion.
You got that right!
Does this mean I now related to all the cows I've ever drank milk from?
If you did that directly from the cow then yes... (but don't come near me.)
Hindus consider cows equivalent to mother.
Therefore they mostly do not eat beef.
It's kind of sad that the amount of freedom we can expect in life is contingent upon the country in which we were born. If I were in this situation, I wouldn't know what to do. I'm only a hellfire when it won't get me in too much trouble. It's a shame that people can't worship only as they choose and not be allowed to harm or condemn others.
Fucking Idiots.
LOL! I know! How owuld they even confirm that he had drunk her milk? Also, have they never heard of AID's/HIV?
I thought HIV/AIDS didn't spread via breastmilk? Maybe I'm wrong.
HIV/AIDS can spread through breast milk.It is the reason how the new borns get the disease
This is a clever solution to the problem.
When the hell, Womens will be given all freedom in that sick country ?




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