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Hmmm...the only thing I've heard it called was his crown of thorns. It was supposed to be made of Hawthorn, though, if that helps.
Other than being known as the "Crown of Thorns," nope, not a thing.
What about a running sore? Is it a role play?
As others have said, Crown of Thorns. Supposedly it's one of the relics in the crypt at Notre Dame de Paris. Err, I think it is anyway....
I was told once that the Roman soldiers in Jerusalem actually played a game called "King of the Jews" in which they dressed a condemned zealot up (complete with crown of thorns) and used him as a game piece on the tiles in the praetorium. I don't know if it's tour guide mythology or not.
What I took from what I was told is that, whether or not the soldiers played the game with Jesus, the gospel writers were familiar with the game and added that detail for authenticity. They also reinterpreted it as being a fulfillment of "messianic" passages in the Hebrew scriptures, which it was not.




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