The artist's talent is evident- the interpretation is up to the viewer.  I wouldn't call it cute by any means, but some might find it sad.  I thought this might be something AN members might like to see: 

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Not only no description whatsoever, but a broken link too. Fantastic. Anyone that cares can pull the ungarbled link from this mess above -


It's probably nauseatingly cute and sad from a quick glimpse in case that bothers anybody.

Please familiarise yourself with the site guidelines -
Wow, Felch, way to show tolerance. Maybe the person (that would be me) posting has never done this before and is just learning. Thank you for your sarcasm as well as being so perfect and fixing my mistake.
Thanks, John D
Hey John D- what does it mean by a broken link? When I click on the url I posted, it goes straight to the youtube video.

Well, I enjoyed it. It was rather sad & not cute by any means.




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