After 50 years of that silly shit they finally had to give it up as a cost saving measure.

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It appears our's will contain similar nonsense.
I think i misunderstand the word Homeopathy. I thought that was a word ment natural medicines.
And that's complicated by the fact that even if you DO opt for "real medical treatment" it may be the wrong treatment and can even kill you!! I don't go to my doctor any more than I absolutely have to.
I remember that fiasco about drinking X number of glasses of water every day. For YEARS they pumped that crap out and then about two or three years ago the said, "Uh.........gee...........golly. Ya don't really have to drink all that water"!! Salt? How many times have they changed course on the issue of salt? I remind myself, when I'm talking to a doctor, he ain't the Delphic Oracle.
Like cures like i like that theory lets gather AID carries and and have them all have sex with each other for weaks on end and see if they are in better off ( then atleast then can still get laid with out infecting others) wth people are really still that dumb? NVM i work grocery i should no better, people are still argueing that the Yam and sweet potatoe veriety sold in US stores are two different thing, when most americans don,t even know what a real yam is, we have people running around wearing magnets for healing purposes and rubbing silver on themselves and going to church on sundays i shouldnt doubt stupidity.




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