Hi, my name is Dawn and I live in Newport, South Wales. I was born in Birmingham and grew up in the West Country not far from Bristol, North Somerset. I am lucky in that I was brought up by an agnostic mother and an atheist father so never had the religion thing forced on me.I did become a Pagan for a few years after my son Aiden was stillborn in Dec 1992, obviously a reaction to that event although I didn't realise it at the time. I recovered from this brief interlude of insanity after going to University and getting an education, graduating in 2006 with a first class honours degree in archaeology. I have been a field archaeologist for four years now and its brilliant!


I have been married and divorced twice and have four surviving sons and two grandsons. I met my partner Dave at university, he was also doing archaeology and we now work together all over the UK. My hobbies include fags, cider and Punk!!!



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I recovered from this brief interlude of insanity

Did you just call Pagans insane? Awesome! I like you already!

Welcome to the site!
Thanx, enjoying it so far!
you mean smoking cigarettes? or gay men? or bundles of stick?
Lets go to a punk show.
I was using the term "fag" in the context of the british slang for a cigarette, but I guess u knew that and was just teasin, lol!
Welcome aboard. Another archaeologist!! Glad to have you with us. There are an abundance of special interest groups here to choose from. Enjoy.


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