It's extremely refreshing reading the articles and opinions on this website. One thing that bothers me though, is seeing 'Brother' in front of anyone's name on an atheist web site. Unless we are siblings, 'Brother', should not be used. Frankly, it just sounds too religious. I hope I'm not the only one expression this feeling. It's been bothering me for a while.


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If you're seeing "Brother" anywhere, it's likely in front of the name of the founder of Atheist Nexus, Richard Haynes, sometimes known as "Brother Richard."  Where he picked up that sobriquet from, I have no idea, but I don't mind it, and I doubt he does, either.

I think you're right; "Brother Richard" is probably the only instance in which I've seen it. And what a great oasis of a website he has created.

Thank you for your response Loren.

You'll get my bill shortly!  [GRIN!]

He's the guv'nor.

I take the "Brother" in Brother Richard's name to be a bit of humor.  However, I don't like the title either, as I have a negative response to things that sound religious (unless it's something that strikes my funny bone).

Oh, BROTHER! [grin!]

Don't know the origin of that expression, but it doesn't sound religious.

He ain't heavy, he's my brother/

[groan!]   :-P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Brother, can you spare a dime?

I was googling the origins of the website and found some controversy surrounding the person who stated it, prior to "Brother Richard". (The original person was also the "webmaster" for a Christian site at the same time and also was a very recent Christian??)  ??????

I am NOT sure of any of that, so do not want to spread false information.  Has anyone been around long enugh to have any first hand memory?


I don't like the "Brother" either, and find it disconcerting, so count me as one who does mind it.


Any thoughts on the fund raising drive?  I have not contributed yet.  Have received two emails about it, both low key.

It's at least easy to make Amazon orders via Nexus, and no charge to the person doing it.

I am not in Pay Pal now, and don't want to be.  I have to check on whether I can contribute without that.  In the past I contributed via Pay Pal.




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