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I had to google on it too. Visible Panty Lines. Not really an issue when wearing Mom-jeans.
What's all the fuss? I love my g-strings. They're the most comfortable things I have to wear.

Of course, they don't offer much support, so I have a couple pairs of things that add a little lift, but you don't need that EVERY day...
I've decided to hold out for a monogrammed kilt. You dont need to be celt to wear a kilt.

Plus, who needs support when you can be free?

Just need an A|N monogram. Or a strategic A|N tattoo, only visible in a gusty wind. I'll do it if Br. Richard does.
Man, I wish I had the legs for it. Really! But we black guys just don't have the calves.
If sports legends can show their legs on the track and basketball court, you can show yours on the street!
Kilts are post Celt.
Hydraulic things?
Hint: I'd pay $25/year to disable the ads, I have done it in the past... but I don't know if Ning makes this possible.
I throw a 20 in every few months to alleviate guilt at running ad-block
I've talked with Richard several times about trying to move the community to a more robust and usable custom back-end, but we are limited by the fact that we have no money to hire the team of coders necessary to pull off such a feat.

In my opinion, we've outgrown Ning.

But, the simple fact is that with no glowering sky-daddy to scare or bribe people into giving money, it just doesn't happen. That is a good and a bad thing.

In the mean time, if you want to support the site, I suggest buying a t-shirt. You get something and the site gets something. Good deal, no?




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