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Thank you. But I know how you feel I was laid off since Nov 2008...and just now finally landing a job its Sep 2009 so that should tell you something.
Group hug.

I'm doing what drives me nuts that other people do. Chastise me on my comment wall, or in a private message, please. I'm commenting without reading all the comments.

For the record, I agree: Brother Richard should be paid.

There should be paid staff.

Great idea! I'm only partially being sarcastic, because I know there are other people on the site who could use the cash, too. First, let's get Richard paid.

Then, maybe we could have a mud-wrestling match among all the volunteers (other than Richard) to see who gets paid, and who doesn't. We could sell tickets, popcorn, commemorative trinkets, etc... I must warn other volunteers though, that I have a leg up on you all, because I am a Lucha Libre fan.
Yes just post onto my page how much you donated. Daniel and I will both match it up to a total of $750 each. So if you donate $25 both Daniel and I will donate $25.
Thanks Jean Marie! I think many people just aren't aware of the situation.
Thanks m'Lord - a fabulous effort! But what else would we expect from a right royal personnage! ;-) Sincerely, thank you!
I give $10 a month via pay pal and have since I joined this site. Who's giving the other $10 mystery bucks?
there must be more than we thought. Im giving $15 per month.
There is a little more now thanks to your efforts Daniel. We need to talk soon.
Im glad for that. I hope that it continues to grow.




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