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Just made a $25 donation, but didn't know at the time you were doing this. Wow- cool!
Hey not a problem. I understand. Thanks for your support.
Just posted this on the Aussie, Kiwi and South Pacific Atheists Group (in the information section). It would be great if other people with groups could do something similar and really get the word out.

Atheist Nexus Fundraising Drive

It has come to light that this site is running on next to nothing and that our administrator, Brother Richard, is working practically 24/7 on the site at crippling financial cost to him and his family. This can't go on.

Please read this post by Daniel Pio Apostata about the need for greater financial assistance for the site and its administrator.

Generously, Daniel and Louis Davout have each promised to match donations of US$25 or more made between now and 15 October up to a maximum of $750 each. That's a potential commitment of $1500 to the site from just two members. If you can possibly manage it, please click the big green donate button in the side bar and chip in what you can - then let Louis know you've donated, so he can add your donation to their tally.

Please show our generous Aussie and Kiwi spirit. No-one's getting rich out of this site and Richard's no Benny Hinn. If you enjoy Atheist Nexus then please consider making a contribution.
Alternatively, every time you visit, just click on those bloody irritating adverts which claim Darwin was wrong, there is a god, etc. etc. We've all seen them - click them and then close the window. Don't overdo it or it will look to Google like we're orchestrating clicks, but every little helps and it drains the funds of those intent on targeting people who really aren't interested in their B/S.
Thanks for your contribution.

He also said it was better to be feared than loved. Machiavelli can kiss my butt :)

Macchiavelli wa right on that, of course. On the other hand, he was far from the world of 'grass roots' movements. In fact, he was a more 'top down' kind of guy, hence "The Prince".

A|N is a grass roots movement, as is atheism and humanism. A grassroots movement needs transparency to survive and flourish. The real contribution is that of the many people who volunteer with their time and heart, thinking of ways to make the site run better, thinking of improvements, moderating, guiding discussion groups and forum topics, which build as comunity and act as "think tanks' and ongoing education for all of us. Money is like compost - it's not pretty, sometimes it's stinky, and it gets your hands dirty, but you can't grow really good tomatoes without it.

This topic is started out of a sincere effort to help keep the A|N commnity vital, and continue its mission. No one is bragging - it's an example, and I hope an inspiration, to see that others are contributing. Obviously, people want to have a role, they just need a way to make that happen. I hope it's a snowball effect. However, for anyone who does feel more virtuous, or wants to protect their privacy (equally important), how about if you post on Louis' comment wall? He could then remove the post and credit your contribution for matching funds.

And thank you so much. It really does mean a lot.
Or you could just send me a message.
Any time you make a donation and brag about it it then it is more like advertising.

Worth repeating.
I haven't had time to read all of the replies. Sorry if I'm repeating - I'm one of those without a pot to piss in but I'll get $25 together. I think Jesus will help if I pray real hard. OK, just kidding.
Would a small fee per posting be feasible? and then payable when the member's number of posts accumulate enough to be worth the trouble of paying? I wouldn't want to pay $1 but when it adds up to 10 or 20 I wouldn't mind. At any rate, those of us using the site more would pay more. I think the money could be sent to a set-up account/foundation/ whatever...
At any rate, those of us using the site more would pay more.

This is why I won't have anything to do with Meet-up. I worked my butt off organizing a group, and advertised it (and Meet-up) out of my own pocket. So, Meet-up then decides that group organizers were going to have to pay for their groups. Uh... no.

I know at least a few people who don't have spare cash who contribute a lot to this site with their posts and participation. I don't want to see them charged.
The idea of donations seems to be a good one. But all I know is that when people donate money they usually want something in return, generally not something big but just something to know that their money was appreciated. Maybe different levels of membership would be a practical and just idea but the idea of having features some members enjoy above all others might create a caste system which I think would be horrible. Starting a new job tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to donate something sometime next month to the cause.
$25 Done - 20N85547GA680883N

It is something I should have done some time ago.




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