Brother Richard's speech: "Thank God America is a Secular Nation "

Hey everyone, first I want to thank you for you comments on this speech that was posted here: It was six years ago, and a lot has changed around Nexus since then.

Because it is so old, I thought it would be fun to post a more recent speech that presented at the Atheist Alliance of America’s 2013 National Convention. It is based on an argument I often use when speaking with Christians. It is a warning that they, above all others, should “Thank God America is a Secular Nation.” My time was limited, but I believe my argument is understandable. 

I am working on another project that is related to this talk, so I would really appreciate some feedback (especially from any of you historians).

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I've heard that speech three times and it still puts me in awe of your humility and intellect.

It changed many of my ideas on approaching Christians in disputes and arguments.

Yet, old habits die hard, so I don't know how well I can control my inner troll.  

Though I agree that there is no problem with 'god' mentioned on public things like money and even pledges.

In Australia we had "God Save The Queen" before a left wing labour government got rid of it and replaced it with "Advance Australia Fair", which I hated.

It got rid of god and the queen, but, it is far harder to remember and sing.

God Save The Queen, was simple.

Most people ignored the god in it, and considered it as irrelevant.

It was just an anthem, not a statement of belief.

There is a difference.

Aye M8! 

You are very kind. Thank you.

Picture the US with an openly atheist leader, like Greece.

It will happen!

Though it is true that people do tend to ignore sometimes the whole God we should not have it anywhere in government. You don't need that much to get the side liner to follow the delusional believer in doing things that undermine a secular government.

Its best to throw away anything dealing with the Jewish God and all that it stands for. I for one at least am distrustful of people who fall back so quickly into the state of mind that little things like "in god we trust" in our money is not a big deal. Well if its not a big deal then why is it there. Secularism must be protected and brought to the front not left in the back stage because some people can't deal with it.



BTW: I deeply resent Bergoglio's (Pope Francis) stating that Hillary Clinton is the right person for America; he shouldn't get involved in the state's affairs. Thanks

Hi Silvia,

To add to your comment we should not forget that he did nothing to oppose Argentina's dirty war even though he was a high official in the church. That was the war where they threw socialists out of planes or tortured them and their families.

Are you aware that the Argentina's Dirty War was NOT as dirty as they told you? I lived in Argentina during that war...and I wish the repression against the Montoneros and ERP had been stronger.

BTW, many of those "30,000 mixing" are pretty much alive and living in Spain, Canada and other countries.

Another information you should know...Those whom you call "socialists" were GUERRILLEROS...and didn't stop to think how many people they killed each time they bombed a place or an institution......

No I wasn't.

...the Argentina's Dirty War was NOT as dirty as they told you?

I once believed some of what America's leaders said.

I gave up that childish thing in the late 1960s, when I heard on a TV news program a presidential* press secretary say the government has a right to lie to the American people.

* whether LBJ's or RMN's press sec'y I don't recall.

BTW, we get the kind of gov't we ALLOW. Saying we get the kind we deserve accepts xianity's dirty little story.

Bert, you have half of it: Xianity's non-sinners deserve reward.

The dirty little story and the other half is Xianity's sinners (all of us) deserve punishment.

As for kings, strangle them with the entrails of priests.

OK...I am searching for a new Atheist group in Westchester county, NY.  Does anyone know one?  Thanks.

Silvia, what did you do with the old Atheist group in the county? :-)




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