Brother Richard's speech: "Thank God America is a Secular Nation "

Hey everyone, first I want to thank you for you comments on this speech that was posted here: It was six years ago, and a lot has changed around Nexus since then.

Because it is so old, I thought it would be fun to post a more recent speech that presented at the Atheist Alliance of America’s 2013 National Convention. It is based on an argument I often use when speaking with Christians. It is a warning that they, above all others, should “Thank God America is a Secular Nation.” My time was limited, but I believe my argument is understandable. 

I am working on another project that is related to this talk, so I would really appreciate some feedback (especially from any of you historians).

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She and her kind (there are few others in the group) are so immersed in ignorance I doubt she understood what I told her.

Well if she is Catholic they it makes sense. All you have to do after been a serial killer is to ask forgiveness. I was raised Catholic and though it was bat sh*it crazy religion in my teens.

All you have to do is ask forgiveness. Oh really that is all. lol. 

Still not like the other cults are much different with just believing in Jesus is enough to be saved. These kind of people at the end of the day are dangerous to all and if it was not for religion they be instituted for mental discord. 

In fact, religin is what make them all perfect candidates for mental institutions...but, as you know...there are more out than in.

PS: They are dangerous all day long

All day, 7 days a week, 365.2422 days a year, until they either die or become an atheist.

I make a point about NOT saying "under god" each time I recite the POA...

Decades after I stopped saying those two words, I was able to persuade the mostly-xian and mostly-veteran members of a club to stop saying the POA when they opened meetings.

After I came out to them as an atheist, I quoted:

1) some of the words of the SCOTUS decision that said the Pledge serves to bring children into the political culture, and

2) some of Paul's "I gave up childish things" letter to the Corinthians.

I added that they could, any time they chose, adopt a motion to resume the POA. No one has so much as mentioned doing so.

Shaming adults sucks but it can succeed.

A fresh one.

I was told -yesterday- that I am an Atheist because my family is also Atheist...that I was not allowed to think on my on..but to follow my parents' "" religious"" teachings...that I was not allowed the freedom to reason.

It was extremely hard no to tell this lady that her ignorance was not only harmful to mankind but extremely insulting to every intelligent person on the world.

And to be convinced that "the other person"  is the one inside the bubble.


...Robert Anton Wilson's point that Belief is the death of intelligence.

Bert, Wilson is free to describe his experience that way but I ask if belief and intelligence are sufficiently analogous to generalize his conclusion.

Decades ago I considered graduate school to study analogy closely. Other stuff intervened but I suggest to Wilson that belief is the death of thought.

Most Big Bangers are intelligent enough to study physics (and perhaps author good sci-fi) but they endlessly demonstrate that beliefs can follow a taxpayer-subsidized dogma.

I regularly challenge them to stop believing and start thinking.

It's amazing how people can live their entire lives in a hermetically sealed bubble.

Having recuperated from twelve years in Catholic schools, I'm amazed at how successfully such indoctrination can keep people in a bubble.

I sometimes joke that they gave me two years of dogma and sealed it in place with ten years of fear, guilt and shame.

Occasionally I'm not joking. believe shows the human mind is  easily impressionable.

Many of my opinions are not very humble, ergo IMNVHO.

Not as many as it should be...




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