Brother Richard's speech: "Thank God America is a Secular Nation "

Hey everyone, first I want to thank you for you comments on this speech that was posted here: It was six years ago, and a lot has changed around Nexus since then.

Because it is so old, I thought it would be fun to post a more recent speech that presented at the Atheist Alliance of America’s 2013 National Convention. It is based on an argument I often use when speaking with Christians. It is a warning that they, above all others, should “Thank God America is a Secular Nation.” My time was limited, but I believe my argument is understandable. 

I am working on another project that is related to this talk, so I would really appreciate some feedback (especially from any of you historians).

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Nothing, still a member...but I " need" new opinions.

Today, again, I heard another stupid comment.

A lady overheard me saying next Saturday I will be going to a Halloween party...She yelled out "Halloween is for the shouldn't go if you wish to have eternal peace."

Sometimes, when I encounter people like this lady, I feel calling the nut house to tell them one of their inmates is wandering around.

The Halloween "demons" are about as real as her god. I do nothing at all for Halloween (just me here) but I know the mentality you are talking about. Today on the Internet a believer told me how incredibly stupid I was, then he started explaining something about his god. If he believes in his invisible being already how would he possibly come to another conclusion on anything?

I don't have patience for these people. I call them on their ignorance and I left them talking to themselves.


Any attack from Trump to the Atheist people / groups?

In keeping with that message I just posted the following on the boy scout website:
All Boy Scouts should know that God has no power at all in the US Constituion and that it is perfecly legal and proper to omit the phrase "One Nation Under God" from the pledge of allegiance.

I make a point about NOT saying "under god" each time I recite the POA...and when people asked me "Why?" my answer is always the same "That dude doesn't exist."

My most recent answer went to a very Catholic lady whom not only put me down for my Atheism...but did so while bragging about her connections to the Mob.

Ah, "might makes right"!

But if her god really existed, he'd be able to take out wrongdoers himself, without the help of humans presuming to do his work for him.

Reminds me of Anne Lamott quoting her priest friend Tom:

"You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do."

Great news....!

Pope Bergoglio (Francis) just announced he WILL NOT visit Argentina as it was planned; he stated his agenda makes impossible to travel to South America in 2017 and 2018.

I, as Argentinian and for the benefit my people, feel extremely happy. I wish he continues to excuse himself from visiting us....until the year 2090.

most of the mafia were and still are loyal to the church.  the gangster who founded the cosa nostra (whose name my old brain forgets again) actually had the only church built for his own use inside a NY penitentiary where he was serving time. Not to speak of having the guards bring him him pasta dinners.

Atheists who are more peaceful and law abiding than most other groups end up being viciously hated by the American public but these god fearing gangster who extort murder, rob rape terrorize get looked up to as heroes by large numbers this country.  That is a measure of the damage that religion has done to our morality and ethics. 


good for you!  she needs to hear this loud and clear.




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