A study conducted by Princeton and Northwestern universities that was released last week contained some pretty stunning news: The United States of America is NO LONGER even a semblance of a "democracy inside a republic" or "a beacon of democracy and freedom".

No folks, we've become something we supposedly HATE - an OLIGARCHY! Maybe even a PLUTOCRACY!

Take your meds, Brent, you're undoubtedly saying right now. Chill pill. Calm down. Stuff like that. Instead of that, maybe you should take a look at my buddy David 2's BRUTALLY HONEST commentary this week as he looks at what's happened to us and who's REALLY to blame in the end - and it ain't who you think: http://brutallyhonestcolumn.blogspot.com/2014/04/week-of-04212014.html

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome, either here or on David's page.

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That's scary. And true. But I did vote for the green party last election. At least l threw my vote away on something l believe in.

So did I. I absolutely avoid the corporate-controlled Republocrats/Demonicans where I can. I even promoted a third-party debate last year on Facebook, to which someone who later defriended me (I think because I wouldn't back down about this) said that my politics "fucking suck".

Came down to a coin flip between Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate; I remember a interview he did with Playboy in December 2000 that really impressed me. At the end, I went with Stein because I'm really leery of Libertarian fiscal policy; I consider myself a social Libertarian but a fiscal Green. Voted for Nader in 2000 as well, and when I talked about it, my mom told me that "you wasted your vote". My brother stepped in and said "No, mom, he didn't waste his vote. You only waste your vote when you DON'T USE IT."

The thought of taking even the most minute portion of responsibility of putting Romney in the Oval Office was enough for me to not vote for a third party. It's becoming more and more clear that D and R are indistinguishable enough that a third party vote is no longer a throw away vote.

It was pretty clear to me some time ago. I've look at third parties seriously for some time now, forget those who think it's a wasted vote. I understand where you're coming from, but as I've seen, "if you vote for the lesser of the two evils, you're still voting for evil."

The only way we're going to get any true change at all, IMHO, is to support and vote for third parties. IIRC, only the Republocrats/Demonicans are what you are allowed to vote for in a couple of states; I'm almost sure that's the case in Oklahoma. Ohio tried to do that too until they had to back down after the Libertarian Party filed suit.

I agree with you.  The oligarchy concept is becoming more and more a reality.  

Whatever happened to unions?  I thought they were supposed to promote economic equality?

You're exactly right, except unions these days have been so weakened to the point where they're almost an afterthought. I guess corporate greed and Christian Nationalism (as practiced by the Republican - ERRRR, Christian Nationalist - Party have really dealt blows to the union movement.

Yeah, government by the people, sure, see what happens if you try to take it back from the people currently in charge. Freedom in America has, and been for some time, a joke. The founders would drop their jaw if they saw what it has become. The imperial presidency can do anything it wants, screw the bill of rights and the constitution.

Just look at the Occupy protests nationwide and how they were broken up, for instance, not to mention how they were treated by the corporate media. You're right, our Founding Fathers would probably be shocked to see what's happened to us - and *we* let it happen.

There is an issue in America with companies and organisations buying influence in the political system or else why would they fund candidates from both major parties in the same election unless they were guaranteed the money back in political favours or access after the election.

No kidding!!! *sigh*




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