BRUTALLY HONEST: Dictator Housewives (Or, The Hidden Rules Of A Real Socialist Enclave)

Look around the media or on your favorite social networking sites and you'll see some folks claim "Socialism" is creeping into American life, that it's evil and those who advocate it are NOT REAL AMERICANS!!

My buddy David 2, in his BRUTALLY HONEST commentary this week, has a message for you: Socialism is ALREADY HERE in America - and it's in places where you'd least expect it!:

As always, your thoughts and opinions are welcome, either here or on David's page. Comments made here will be forwarded to David. Thanks for reading and commenting.

BTW, David's radio version of BRUTALLY HONEST, usually heard at 8 ET/5 PT Mondays on ShockNet Radio (, will NOT be aired tonight because of some upgrades going on at the ShockNet studios. BRUTALLY HONEST will return at its regular time next Monday.

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I work with a group that does a monthly free legal clinic where a volunteer lawyer will help people get a perspective on their legal situations.

Most common problem is divorce/child care, maybe landlord tennant, but neighborhood associations rank right up there near the top and the situations are far more perverse because a tenant can simply move out of a bad situation with relatively little long term cost. These people are locked in with mortgages and debt.

I would never buy a home subject to such an organization.

This begs the question: why would people voluntarily enter into such agreements?  Why would they purchase property in such communities?

I ended up living in a township, in a rural setting, precisely because I wanted to avoid homeowners associations and covenants.

And what happens if the purchaser of a home refuses to sign the covenant?

It is high time for humanity to let go the concepts of communism and capitalism, neither have accomplished any good on the planet. Communism seeks to protect individual 'integrity' and fairness, capitalism seeks to protect capital and prestige/power. I'd venture to say capitalism is associated with a little more delusion... most capitalists think erroneously that capitalism is equivalent to a "free market" and ruled by "supply and demand". Nothing could be farther from the truth. Supply is controlled by corporate monopolies, and demand is controlled through scientifically designed marketing and propaganda. We do not have a free market, we have a market of corporate monopolies where "the little guy" is bought out or killed off.

I can only hope that within my lifetime, I experience authors with a philosophical/economic/societal inclination that will succeed in captivating humanity. Not seeing a fundamental change in humanity before my death would be my ultimate sadness. I always held out hope that the values taught by Noam Chomsky... rationality and lefty libertarianism, would catch on with a wider audience... but the years have rolled by... and the protectors of capital are winning the battle still.




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