It's been three weeks now since the election, and there's still a bit of garbage that has yet to be picked up. One certain group, however, has YET to do their part of the post-election cleanup. What group is that? I'll let my buddy David 2 tell you in this week's BRUTALLY HONEST commentary:

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Hmmm. The part of that that I take issue with is the "school records" part. We wanna make sure that anyone asking for transcripts is deemed a "nutjob" but we are all okay with the Obama campaign demands for Romney's tax back to infinity...but I guess that is more relevent to the job of President...whether a rich man cheated on his deductions like so many other people (rich and poor) do. (Given the chance, all people choose to keep their money rather than give it to Washington to waste)..that makes more sense than whether a president lied about his educational background..LIES ARE LIES. I will agree that there are a lot of nutjobs and conspiracy theorists on the right..It is why I continue to be an independent, or Libertarian..depends on who you ask..I just cannot put myself in with the masses of right-wing religious zealots. But, I also refuse to consider myself a liberal demoncrat as they are hell-bent on making sure this country has a deminished standing in the world. Like they say "birds of a feather...", there is a reason that all the world's dictators and scumbags endorse/appreciate Obama. Hopefully he will get his wish and bust this country back into the 1700s..we can start again from there with the hard work that built this country originally...the welfare mongers can get on board or starve in the streets.

Moose, have you been on the political scene long enough to know how the GOP fell?

First, starting around 1960, it excluded moderates.

Next, around 1970, to restore its numbers it recruited southern Dems whose ancestors had owned slaves. They brought with them their racism.

Finally, Reagan invited the fundamentalist Christians into the party. They brought with them their authoritarian need for leaders they can obey, so they don't have to think for themselves.

Independence or Libertarianism are rational choices for a former GOPer.

But when you think rather than emote, surely you recognize your "tax back to infinity...", and your "dictators and scumbags endorse/appreciate Obama" are some of the GOP's campaign trash to be cleaned up.

Both parties are corrupt. Also, Dems need to ditch their soft-headedness and Repubs need to ditch their hard-heartedness.




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