The movies were - and still are - a place to escape the realities of the world and let a Majestic Mountain, a Torch Lady, a roaring lion or towering searchlights transport you to worlds beyond your imagination. But all is seemingly not well in Tinsletown; reports indicate summer box-office numbers are down to levels not seen in nearly a decade.

Sure, the major studios have no shortage of things to blame. But my buddy David 2 is asking - how about maybe, just maybe, thinking about the overall experience? That's the subject of this week's BRUTALLY HONEST commentary:

As always, your thoughts and opinions are welcome, either here or on David's page.

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I've never seen a "3D" movie and never intend to at the prices they want.  I think David has some good points, but personally, I stopped going to the theatre many years ago, mainly for other reasons.

At home, I can control the volume.  That's very important for my old ears.  The music & sound effects are way too loud for me in the theaters.

At home, if they put music &/or sound-effects over the dialog (which way too many movies do), I can turn-on the subtitles, which is not the best way to watch a movie, but in the theater, I just have to miss some of the dialog.

I refuse to pay the theatre price to find-out that I don't like most movies.  I can usually rent them for an average of $1.

To my way of thinking, theaters are just outdated, and they have to live with that.

They charge too much for tickets these days, but around here I can still get in for $6 at matinee. As for 3D movies, they are awesome. When I was a kid they sucked but today they really rock.




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