The movies were - and still are - a place to escape the realities of the world and let a Majestic Mountain, a Torch Lady, a roaring lion or towering searchlights transport you to worlds beyond your imagination. But all is seemingly not well in Tinsletown; reports indicate summer box-office numbers are down to levels not seen in nearly a decade.

Sure, the major studios have no shortage of things to blame. But my buddy David 2 is asking - how about maybe, just maybe, thinking about the overall experience? That's the subject of this week's BRUTALLY HONEST commentary:

As always, your thoughts and opinions are welcome, either here or on David's page.

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I've never seen a "3D" movie and never intend to at the prices they want.  I think David has some good points, but personally, I stopped going to the theatre many years ago, mainly for other reasons.

At home, I can control the volume.  That's very important for my old ears.  The music & sound effects are way too loud for me in the theaters.

At home, if they put music &/or sound-effects over the dialog (which way too many movies do), I can turn-on the subtitles, which is not the best way to watch a movie, but in the theater, I just have to miss some of the dialog.

I refuse to pay the theatre price to find-out that I don't like most movies.  I can usually rent them for an average of $1.

To my way of thinking, theaters are just outdated, and they have to live with that.

I have not been to a movie  in two years  and  do not seem to mind......I pay extra  on my Verizon Fios to get the HBO  channel, which is worth every penny...Not only  do they show  great movies, they show  original movies which are usually  quite good.....They also have  great  programs such as Game of Thrones, True Blood, and Bill Maher, who is an Atheist, and  has  great  debates.....As was mentioned, so many people  have HD TV  with curved  screens, that the so called  `movie experience' at home  is as good as in the theater.... Since Movie ticket  prices  continue to climb,  no wonder  there are fewer  movie goers...The  Big Multiplex Theaters may soon become  obsolete as did  the old  Drive-In  theaters....Remember  them?

They charge too much for tickets these days, but around here I can still get in for $6 at matinee. As for 3D movies, they are awesome. When I was a kid they sucked but today they really rock.



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