No doubt most, if not all, of you here have been following the debt-ceiling all-in brawl (I can't think of anything else to describe it) going on in Washington. We've got politicians of all stripes posturing, screaming, saying things that have outraged one side or the other. It's pretty much a big-league game of chicken, even with a deal having been reached last night.


There's been so much said about it from the usual suspects, but hardly a peep, it seems, from the man and woman in the street - the ones who, as usual, will bear the brunt of whatever deal comes down the pipe. What will it take to get the people rising up, taking to the streets and demanding that changes be made and those who REALLY are responsible be held to account for what's been going on, even way before this current crisis?


My good friend David 2, co-host of ShockNet Radio's American Heathen (8 ET/5 PT Fridays) and host of BRUTALLY HONEST (7 ET/4 PT Saturdays), has an idea about what perhaps SHOULD happen. It may sound extreme, he admits, but maybe it's about the only thing that would wake up the masses:


As always, your thoughts and opinions are more than welcome, either here or on David's page. I'll be forwarding the comments made here to David, and he does appreciate you reading his commentaries.

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Yes the deal arrived and it contains deeper cuts, but also no new taxes.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want any new taxes either, but collection of taxes that are already on the books would be nice. It's time for the multi-billion dollar corporations to pay their share instead of just the working class.


The corporate tax credits that were put in place years ago to "stimulate" the economy and then never rescinded have got to go. All they have done is make for larger profit margins for the corporations and their stockholders without "trickling down" to the working class who bear the brunt of the tax paying duties.


Another fine example of this corporate welfare state has arisen right here in Pennsylvania over the last year or two. Drilling companies have been moving into the state to drill for natural gas from the Marcellus shale deposits found mostly in the western and central parts of the state. You would think "great, that's a lot more revenue dumping into the Pennsylvania state coffers", but sadly that isn't the case. Newly elected governor Tom Corbett promised to veto any budget bill that contained taxing revenue from this drilling. Needless to say, the new budget recently passed did not contain any taxes related to the Marcellus well drilling, but it did contain some healthy cuts to education. Schools and universities throughout the state have had to raise tuition and make cuts to staff and programs for the coming year.


Anyone want to guess who was a major campaign contributor to the newly elected governor?

Maybe I'm weird, but I do want tax increases.  When I was about twelve, my dad worked two full-time jobs for a period of nearly three years.  Why?  With four kids and debt, he needed more revenue.  Top earners, er, I mean, job creators, have benefited immensely from tax cuts and deregulation.  It's time they paid us back, isn't it?

With the ever increasing gap between upper and middle class, it seems the wise decision to me would be to move some of the taxes from the middle class to the upper class, generating a huge wealth from the upper class, and alleviating some of the strain that's destroying the middle class.

Provided of course the loop-holes the upper class uses to evade taxes are eliminated.

I know if I were in the top 2%, I'd have little issue with being taxed. I'd consider it a civic duty really. To me it's a matter of loyalty to the nation.

All the hysteria over socialism and what we really have is feudalism. I thought it was pretty slick that ending massive tax cuts for billionaires was labeled under "tax raises".

I think the economy is doing just fine.  I bought 2 pieces of ham steak at the grocery for about 5.00.  A few potatoes and some corn.  Fed my family of four for 10.00.  A man in front of me bought some steak, a case of soda, a few other items and paid it with his food stamps.  Last week I took my family to Olive Garden.  I was told there was a 35 minute wait to get a table.  We left and went to Cracker Barrel.  Guess what?  The wait was only 25 minutes.  I can go on and on.  What am I missing?  You're going to save the economy by cutting spending and adjusting the debt ceiling?  Please be honest.


Let me tell you my secret about the economy.  I get up in the morning and look at the DJIA.  If the Dow Jones is above 12,000, I go to Starbucks, life is good.  If it is under 7,000, I go to McDonalds and get the senior coffee, life is not so good. Everything else is my doing. By the way, today was a very good day.

"Yes, it would make things worse, at least in the immediate short term, but things have already been getting worse anyway. We’ve only been sticking our heads in the sand and pretending that things were getting better. Now we would be forced to admit that they clearly weren’t getting better."

I can't say that I disagree in any way. As Prog Rock Girl stated above, this is a feudalist system. The only differences between today's peasants and those of the middle ages are the titles assigned to the feudal lords, geography and gadgets of pacification. The masses continue shuffling about with the belief that if they just endure now, the next life they will be rewarded with bliss.

The only way to fix something as terribly broken as this is to let it fail so that the peasants really suffer, and then hopefully, get angry enough to feel compelled to do something about it.


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