BRUTALLY HONEST: Texas Congressman Brings Shame to America

No doubt, what happened last Friday morning in Aurora, CO, was both horrific and tragic. Needless to say, no sooner did the news begin breaking about what had happened when pundits and politicians started doing what they do best - opening their mouths before engaging their brains.

One particularly odious comment came from none other than Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas). My good buddy David 2, in his BRUTALLY HONEST commentary this week, calls Gohmert out on his stupidity (what else can you call it?):

As always, your thoughts and opinions are welcome, either here or on David's page. Comments left here will be forwarded to David.

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Will check that out Brent.

I think most the politicians today make stupid comments myself.

I think they all bring us shame.

There are many Texas Atheists on this site - I don't like David's Texas bashing. He is trying to generalize all of us and is basically name calling. When people do that I just turn them off. I refuse to read the rest of that article now because of that.

Oh I guess I'm suppose to keep repeating this louder and louder ......

I think David was a bit upset by Gohmert's comments, but I will pass along your thoughts to him for sure and ask him to respond to your concerns. Thanks for bringing this up Steph.

I saw another posting by Steph in the group "Texas Heathens" regarding Texas Bashing and Insults. While I'm not a member of that group (don't live in Texas), I did read it with interest. And, I think Steph makes a very valid point. There are idiots everywhere. Similar comments can and are made regarding the moron Michelle Bachmann, which I might add are justified in my opinion. Yet I don't hear people demeaning the citizens of the State of Minnesota. I live in the State of Illinois, where the last two governors are both currently serving time in a federal prison. Other than the occasional snide (and probably deserved) comment about Chicago politics, I don't hear the same demeaning remarks about Illinoisans as I do about Texans. The occasional ad hominem may be justifiably placed with respect to a specific individual. Blanket stereotyping of entire groups of people, such as his comment about Texans only able to produce larger quantities of fecal matter, or lack of voter intelligence, or that Texans can't make anyone of large character, isn't being BRUTALLY HONEST. At best, it shows a preference for emotional based content without much deference to critical reasoning. If he meant it as a bad joke, that's one thing. If he meant it to be taken seriously, he failed miserably.

I see your point Pat. And I agree, there are idiots everywhere (I grew up on the Illinois side of St. Louis, so I know what you're talking about re: Illinois politicians). 

Like Steph's concerns, I'll pass this on to David. For the record, he lives in suburban Atlanta, BTW. Thanks for the input.




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