Seems like whenever a major story happens (take last week's Boston Marathon bombing, for instance), the four major networks - ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox - trade in regular programming for what could be termed "disaster porn" or, as my buddy David 2 puts it, "misery pornography".

As David says in this week's BRUTALLY HONEST commentary, maybe it's time we turned from "disaster porn" to something else...:

As always, your thoughts and opinions are welcome, either here or on David's page. Comments made here will be forwarded to David, and I do know he appreciates any and all feedback, good, bad or neutral.

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The bombing, of course, forced David to change course for his planned tax discussion last week, but it has opened up another avenue and topic to talk about. Here's what's on tap for tonight:

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We were quite upset to find that our TiVo recording of Grimm had nothing but Boston Marathon bomber disaster porn.

Over a few years ago I read the book Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About, by Eric Trudeau. Somewhere in the book he mentions that the news is bad for you - the news causes unnecessary worry and stress. I had a college roommate who told me that the news is all bad stuff you don't need to know about. I remember a few instances when i tried to watch the news on T.V. and he turned it off and said, don't watch that, it is all bad stuff you don't need to know about. And then he walked away and I turned the set on again but at a low volume and he wandered back into the room and turned the set off again and then I turned it on again and he didn't try to turn it off but I felt guilty and turned the set off after 2 minutes... he was overall a nice guy and wasn't being harshly mean and for some reason I didn't feel a gut desire to protest or argue or complain... I haven't owned a TV since 2006...




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