BRUTALLY HONEST: We Are Not The Customers, We Are Product

Used to be that there was an axiom that said "The Customer is Always Right". And Rule No. 2 was "if the customer is wrong, Rule No. 1 applies." Seems as though now that axiom has been turned on its head - we're no longer customers; we're now the PRODUCT!

What do you mean by that Brent? I'll let my buddy David 2 explain it to you in this week's BRUTALLY HONEST commentary:

As always, your thoughts and opinions are welcome, either here or on David's page.

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There's a problem with your link, Brent.

Thanks Michael. This one should work...

Hope you are doing well, and thanks for reading.

... why politicians listen to special interest groups and K-Street lobbyists more than the voters? ..., the lobbyists and special interest groups are seen as the customers… with you quite literally as the product.

You got that right!

That's a piece well written and I'm going to remember it well. It explains a lot of things to understand that if you are not paying for something directly, then you are the product and not the customer.

Information is gathered in many ways. I've often had phone calls where they say some person owes them money and they ask to speak with that person. I explain that this is my number and I have no clue who the person they want is. They offer to take my phone number off their list. Thank you. Done.

The other day my step-father got such a call. Of course, he didn't know the person. The caller then wants him to verify his age and birthdate along with how long he has had the phone number. Dad refused and I don't blame him.

Somewhere all of the information about us individually is in a computer. It's in there somewhere but it may not be accurate at all. The person asking you information about the moon may actually be gathering info about the sun.




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