Among the candidates to replace Michael Bloomberg as mayor of New York City is Anthony Weiner, a one-time Congressman. Weiner had this problem, however, that forced him from office, and it looks as though he's still got that problem.

What problem, you ask? Here's the rundown - and some thoughts on what he should do with it - from my buddy David 2 in this week's BRUTALLY HONEST commentary:

As always, your thoughts and opinions are welcome, either here or on David's page. Comments made here will be forwarded to David, who appreciates any and all feedback.

Thanks for reading.

"If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear." How many times have you heard THAT being said from self-serving, freedom-hating, pompous politicians, talk-show hosts and their sheeple? Plenty, I'll bet. Believe it or not, we ALL have a few skeletons in our closets. But why do we continually subscribe to this lie?

That's the discussion topic on BRUTALLY HONEST-LIVE! on ShockNet Radio, hosted by David 2 and airing at 8 ET/5 PT TONIGHT. David is inviting you to listen in and discuss why you subscribe to this, if you do, and and how you deal with it if it comes from someone else:

Tune in at the ShockNet web site ( or via the FREE Apple iTunes player under Music (for newer versions; also click on the Radio icon) or Radio (for older versions) and Classic Rock. And definitely take part in the discussion that tonight's topic is sure to spark, either by joining in the LIVE and JAVA-FREE chat room by clicking on Chat, ticking the Guest box, typing in any screen name you wish, choosing BH-LIVE! from the drop-down menu and clicking on Log In to enter the room, or by calling (in the second half of the show) TOLL-FREE in the USA and Canada (866) 400-6684 to share your thoughts with David about the topic or anything else on your mind.

As always - When the Truth is NOT ENOUGH - It's Time for BRUTALLY HONEST-LIVE! Log on, listen in and find out why what you've been told or what you may think ISN'T what's REALLY happening!

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Mathew, I whole-hardheartedly disagree with you.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with posting information about an upcoming podcast.  It doesn't matter if the material is by Brent's buddy or by any other person.  There is another member here who posts when they have uploaded a current broadcast and I look forward to the notification.  Furthermore, many prominent voices and organizations in our community have profiles or groups on Atheist/Nexus.  Many of them have podcasts, blogs, and video pages of their own and are also featured speakers at conferences.  

Just look at the bottom of our homepage.  Many are shown.

You're absolutely right, this website is a medium for sharing, and that includes podcasts and blogs. 

Mathew, I post here, on Facebook and on Twitter concerning David's commentaries and radio show. I've known the guy for a good 14 years now and I consider his commentaries and show to be very important - no one is speaking out like he is on corporate radio. 

What is it that you REALLY object to? His point of view possibly? Have you even bothered to listen to the show and/or read his commentaries?




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