I'm sure most of us have heard that phrase when someone breaks up with you: "It's not you, it's me." Yeah, I've heard it too. Doesn't make things easier though.

My buddy David 2, in his weekly BRUTALLY HONEST commentary, takes that phrase to a new level - and it's not just aimed at women, but men too!!: http://brutallyhonestcolumn.blogspot.com/2012/04/week-of-04092012.html

As always, your thoughts and opinions are more than welcome, either here or on David's page. Comments left here will be forwarded to David.

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Frankly, it reads like a jejune polemic, …not a lot of new information here, and what's being re-hashed is painful to try and pick out of the "word salad". I couldn't find a single aspect of what followed the preamble to connect it to the preamble, nothing that clever anyway. A total of 3 comments by two people in 12 blogs (for 2012), I'm not surprised, I just don't think this kind of approach is that appealing to the atheist/freethought/secular community used to a certain level of discursive quality, it reminds me of someone trying to parody Rush Limbaugh as a liberal.

The whole idea that the "War on Women" isn't just a women's issue should be pretty obvious by now. Even just a casual skim of all the topics related to the issue on this site makes this clear.

Anyway, just my own, "brutally honest" thoughts and opinions (you asked, right?).

My answer to that is, "You know I've been thinking the same thing - it is you."

It is me.

I have a lot of sexual issues and I'm still a virgin, and in relationships I feel like I'm being suffocated when there's no real reason for me to feel that way. I have a hard time feeling romantic or sexual feelings towards other people, despite the fact that they're such good people... I can be with a guy and recognize that he's cute and sweet and shares a lot of my beliefs, but nothing is there except that bizarre feeling that I'm having the life choked out of me. It doesn't always happen. I just entered an open relationship and it's not happening right now, but it happens often. And what am I supposed to say to the guy? It's nothing that he has done. And I'd like to be able to reassure him of that.




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