Posts and articles that trigger and provoke outrage, including more Bot posts, have greater sway in social media, then our news feeds and our collective psyche. One example here is heated disputes over Antifa violence. 

Russian Bots, The US Election, And Trevor’s Axiom

(screen grab)

The idea is partially based on concepts of bullying, whereby one individual can successfully divide societies and groups up as defenders or attackers of a victim. This can happen in prisons, school-yards, offices, and now is happening more and more in the digital space. 

The reactions have become so strong that any attack on the ideas or morals of one side is automatically refuted as an attack on the very roots and identity of that group or individual, and anyone not with them must be against them. In other words, people get very easily ‘triggered’ and start to make strawman arguments on a massive scale. 

Graeber purports that by being “triggered” we could actually become the perfect victim for bullies (or in this case for trolls),

The ideal victim is not absolutely passive. No, the ideal victim is one who fights back in some way but does so ineffectively, by flailing about, say, or screaming or crying, threatening to tell their mother, pretending they’re going to fight and then trying to run away. Doing so is precisely what makes it possible to create a moral drama in which the audience can tell itself the bully must be, in some sense,in the right.

This moral drama is played out a million times a day across Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Stoked daily by the self-perpetuating, gas-lighting, clickbait, outrage culture that seems to increasingly consume out news cycle, we as a society are becoming ever more prone to this sort of trolling. [emphasis mine]

When a truck pushed through a block-long Antifa crowd - twice - bedecked with American flags and a Confederate flag decal, blaring “I Wish I Was In Dixie Land”, the bullied reacted by throwing bottles and stones at it. In response the driver abruptly put his vehicle in reverse and accelerated toward the protesters. Another truck drove past, drive-by pepper spraying counterprotestors. Antifa are ideal token-resistance victims, throwing bottles and stones at the truck repeatedly shoving them aside. With a Confederate song blaring from his truck, an Oregon man drove...

Here at Atheist Nexus the extreme right's Bot armies have extended their influence. We are being divided as defenders or attackers of Antifa.

Post-election Facebook have been stepping up their attempt to combat bots and fake news, whilst Twitter has become increasingly corrupted by these bots. Former F.B.I. agent, Clinton Watts, told the New York Times that this “bot cancer” is “eroding trust on their platforms”, ...

Strawman arguments and name calling, is this who we want to be?

Be sure to look at the 47 second video.

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I agree that Troll bots are used on social media. They are used for politicking and targeted advertising. It has become evident that Russia used them to influence the election. They tried in France also but failed. You claim that " extreme right's Bot armies" have infiltrated Atheist Nexus ? Really ? What members are actually troll bots ? Some issues, like the tactics of antifa, are highly controversial. People voice strong opinions on such things and they are emboldened by anonymity. I find it hard to believe though that the far right cares enough about Atheist Nexus to plant bots. Christian crusaders might give it a go but I think it would be fairly obvious.

Elon Musk does think that WW3 will be started by AI however, so who knows. AI bots have defeated the world champions at Chess, Go and complicated e-sport video games. Musk reasons that the latter bot could be programmed to operate an aerial drone. Kinda scary.




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