The driver's and passengers' heads already are.  Graphic depiction of the Rupture:

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I am one atheist who hopes the rapture actually happens... The sooner they all disappear the better.

LOL! But I suspect that there are many who expect to go that way and will be --- LEFT BEHIND.



Of course if the car is empty it will cause an accident perhaps killing innocent people. That bugger who was raptured broke one of the ten commandments. Off to hell you go.

I don't think I'd want to be raptured. I'm afraid of heights and the air is thinner up there too. I don't know how I'll breathe.

"I am one atheist who hopes the rapture actually happens... The sooner they all disappear the better."

Depends on the car. I'm willing to stalk for a Morgan Plus 4.

Definitely a BMW M3 ... in Imola Red!

I'd like a big white sport Lexus.

Reminds me of one of my favorite intros to "6 feet under".  Just thinking about the scene makes me laugh.  Starts with 2 guys driving a truck load of helium-filled porno dolls and swerving to avoid a skate-boarder.


"Praise Jesus, Oh My Lord, Praise Jesus!"

The bumper sticker is a favorite here in the Babble belt. 

Glad I'm not there then. I liked the church I went to. MCC (Universal Fellowship of the Metropolitan Community Church) which is a Christian "protestant" denomination similar to the United Church but the members are mostly gay/lesbian with the belief that god loves them regardless of sexual identity or orientation. Being bisexual, that appealed to me. But when corruption entered our congregation it folded. I liked it though. I was accepted, my sexual orientation was accepted, and even my agnosticism was accepted. There was no pressure to "convert" me to christianity or force me to "believe" in their god or leave, nothing like that. But I used it as an experimental ground to see if I could sense any gods in their midst. None. Nothing.  But nor was there a psychological stronghold upon them like with, say, catholics or pentecostals. I felt welcome there. Too bad it had to end. Even though IMHO god was no where to be found.


Lucky you.  Although I had a friend or two in the local MCC, I found its services to be low brow and akin to Baptist and evangelical affairs.  There also were parallels to the A.A. meetings in that many of the congregants were drunks from the bars who migrated (at least on Sundays) to the church out of guilt.  I must suppose that the same motivation drove them to drink in the first place, using the excuse that I often heard: "Where else am I going to meet my kind of people?"  The internet should have closed the bars by now, but no, it is the addiction that drives many if not most to such venues.  When I quit drinking 18 years ago, I quit infrequent visits to the bars as well.  I realized that they were havens for phonies who liked nothing more than playing head games with other patrons.  I do not regret my decision to avoid both the bars and the pews.

How humble to declare certainty in your "worthiness". Very xtian.

I wouldn't wish for rapture to happen - there are too many bible-bashers who are almost proud to tell you that they're hell-bound because they're not worthy of "god's love". These are the people we'd be left with. The thought makes my toes curl.

Speaking of the certainty part, I am reminded of yet another goofball pumper sticker: "I am not perfect, I am just saved."


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