The driver's and passengers' heads already are.  Graphic depiction of the Rupture:

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"...heads already are."  That's I was going to say.  Well, actually, I was going to say your car is already empty of mental capacity.

They're "running on fumes."

Right - no mental capacity here - good one.

I've seen this bumper sticker sadly.

I think there's a short in the car's wiring. Somewhere between the steering wheel and the back of the driver's seat.

Is that anything like to old saw that in some cases there is nothing wrong with the car but the nut behind the wheel?

Yes. And in the case of "Ruptered" Jesus, I believe it would be a wing nut.

I think it's less that there's no mental capacity behind the wheel so much as the drivers have ceded their mental capacity to their local pastor or priest.  Either that or they were indoctrinated so thoroughly and successfully that they have become True Believers.  Regardless, both conditions are anathema to free or critical thought, questioning or skepticism.

And right about now, I find Invasion of the Body Snatchers coming to mind.  Apropos, I think.

Actually -- and you know this, Loren -- Invasion of the Body Snatchers was written, purportedly, as a reaction against McCarthyism.

You're right James. And so were the movies Inherit the Wind, and High Noon. My question, is what are the movies today, that oppose the right wing, fascist attempt at the takeover of the US?

This might explain why most of Kansas and Oklahoma are terrible drivers....

Goes right along with the old fool who keeps telling his flock and commentators that the end of the world is nigh and yet it never happens, so he recalculates and says he forgot to take this or that into consideration so it will be such and such a new date.  Better yet, when the Rapute happens, all of the bigots (especially evangelicals) are the ones who are "Left Behind."  The inanity of it all is just simply stupefying.  My heroes are George Carlin, Bill Maher, and every other comedian who has made fun of these fools.  If we do not laugh at all the nonsense of the believers, we could go insane.

Thanks for reminding me James: "If we do not laugh at all the nonsense of the believers, we could go insane."

What's probably worse than insane, I get more depressed and discouraged if I don't laugh  often enough.




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