Hey everybody, I'd like to get your opinion on this.

I'm in South Carolina and I proudly drive around with atheist signs put up in the back window of my car. I rotate them out based on whatever mood I'm. Sometimes I'll have stuff like "Blasphemy is a victimless crime", "You don't need god to be moral", "Imagine no religion" (with the twin towers), or even a copy of the "There's probably no god, so stop worrying and enjoy your life". Now I've been doing this ever since I left religion almost 5 years ago. (Most of the time I was in Jerry Falwell's HQ of Lynchburg, so moving down to SC wasn't too big of a change)

In all that time I've only had a couple of people honk at me to give me the finger, and a handful of religious tracts left on my windshield. Yeah, I get nervous sometimes but it's a bit of a rush and I have yet to have anything thrown (or shot) at me. However, there are some people, namely my parents, who are constantly upset about this. They're not religious, but they're afraid I'll get physically hurt or the car will be keyed by someone who is offended. I understand their concern, but the way I look at it: the fact that this is even a possibility is all the more reason I need to speak up and make my existence known. They'd prefer I just stay quiet and blend in, ignoring the fact that just about every car down here has a Jesus fish on it, you can't throw a stone in any direction without hitting a church, and politicians go out of their way to out Jesus each-other. I feel staying quiet doesn't help anything. I'm a citizen and I have the right to express my opinion. To not exercise my rights out of fear of reprisal is just plain wrong. Am I out of line on this?

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An acquaintance in Florida whose van was plastered with bumper stickers (Feminist, environmental, lefty, etc...) ended up with her windshield smashed. My question is: Do you have insurance?
ha ha, yes I do, I am putting those fuckers back on my car
Feh. If you were a really committed atheist/free speech warrior, you'd make sure you made extra money so you could pay for the extra insurance so you could shout your opinions to the world.

That would only enable her in her slackerhood.
It's too early for this level of cleverness, and I don't drink coffee.
talk about slackers, you cant even use your real name
are you talking 'bout me MUPPET?
Ha! No, Ms. Barbieface... I was talking 'bout Teh Nerd. However... if you'd like for me to talk about you, I can. First, I have to do a fact-finding mission. Can you give me a week or two?
Good on ya. I'd be hesitant to do more than our Evolve! fish without adequate car insurance.
Susan, I'm in Roswell! So good to know I'm not alone out here :).
Can't let acts like that force people into the shadows, gotta be proud to be a great ape!
I have some stickers that I bought that my girlfriend doesn't want me to put on my car. I work (not live, thank god) in Louisiana and that place is chock full of religious nutbags. My solution is to put the stickers on those flat, flexible magnets like you put on your fridge. This way, when you drive, you can display them, but when you park, you can pull them off so they can't key your car. Granted, it wouldn't work if they followed you into a parking lot, but it is better than having a bulls-eye on your parked car.




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