I work with a woman who worked and a mortuary and she said that most burials are feet positioned so that when we rise from the grave we will stand up facing east to greet god.   I was furious ...for a moment.Then I realized that it doesn't matter one flip how I am buried.  But for them to just automatically do this is silly.  Actually, I will not be buried I hope (still haven't made my wishes known-shame on me).  Does anyone else find this silly and irksome?

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Just get cremated and solve the problem.
Why is there an assumption that God is in the east, though? Maybe he'll be coming from a northnorthwesterly angle? >.> Or is there an assumption that God is coming from China?

Thanks everyone.  I am getting cremated.  I just read "Stiff"; The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, (fascinating) and the thought of being buried makes me ill. Where they get the feet pointed East bit, I have no idea.   I assume its another apocolyptic myth.  I just pictured god turning around and finding me with my back to him and him tapping me on the shoulder and saying  "Hey, I'm over here. They must have forgotten and buried you wrong."  My sister in law said, "Not to worry, your body is just a vessel" .......just more religious drivel.  Oh well, ...This is a standard practice for morticians and I found it presumptuous.  I don't think they ever actually ask families if they want this....they just do it. 

Oh no--Poor Santa Claus!-if he gets buried at the North Pole his feet will point south-no matter how they face him... 


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